Contentment Vs Peace Sales – Motivation 101

Never confuse “contentment” with “being at peace”… they are enemies – Michael Pedone

This Christmas I received Tim Tebow’s book, “Through My Eyes” as a gift. The book is Tim’s story as he see’s it (hence the title) and as I read it, a thought occurred to me that we all have a story to tell.

And stories that include success also include dues that were paid to achieve that success.

Sure, there are the occasional people who experience “success” without working for it… like lottery winners, for example.

But I prefer to have a little more influence on my own success in life and what I’ve learned is that the larger the debt paid, the larger the reward.

The other thing I realized is that if we are still around to tell our story, then the final chapter hasn’t been written yet.

We have more to learn.

We have more to accomplish.

We have more debts to pay.

We have more success and failures to experience and learn from.

There should never be a “plateau” for us. Not spiritually. Not personally. Not in business.

But no one is going to “bring” us to that next level. If we want to reach it, we have to go after it.

Contentment or “good enough” should never be confused with being at “peace”.

I find peace knowing I’ve given it my all – win, lose or draw.

Contentment however, in my opinion is the enemy of peace as it keeps us from reaching our full potential.

I sincerely hope 2012 brings you all the record-breaking peace you can handle.


Michael Pedone
CSS: Chief Sales Scientist (A 2011 Sales Training Company Watch List Award Winner!)