How Many Times Should You Try and Contact a Prospect?

I’m often asked:

“How long should a sales person continue to contact a prospect who doesn’t return their calls / emails or voice mail messages?”

The first thing that needs to be established is: What kind of lead are we talking about here?

Is it a new lead or is this a prospect that you’ve been in communication with that has suddenly gone cold? You will have different strategies depending on which sales situation you are dealing with.

In either case, my philosophy is this:

I have no desire to “chase” a prospect that doesn’t want to be caught. The last thing I want is to be constantly calling a pipeline full of prospects that will never buy from me.

We Reap What We Sow

And all too often, sales people waste their most valuable resource (phone time) chasing prospects that aren’t going to produce revenue for them.

As the saying goes, “If you want corn, plant corn”…

Meaning, if you want to produce sales, you can’t do it while harvesting the wrong prospects. You are much better off cutting your losses and investing that time prospecting for higher probable opportunities, rather than continuously calling the same old contacts day in and day out and getting very little in return.


If you need a “magic” number of how many calls, come up with your own. What “feels right” to YOU?

As long as you are committing to replacing those closed / lost leads with new fresh ones that meet certain criteria, it won’t matter if your “cut bait” number is one, three, five or twenty.

But never cutting your losses will certainly sink your own ship.


Michael Pedone
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