Sales Training Webinar Survey Results

Every month, starts a new “12-Week Online Live Sales Training Program” for inside sales and today was workshop number one for this months training program.

Below are the questions along with several answers of the survey that followed today’s session:

  1. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being highest how would you rate today’s webinar?
    • Average Rating Was 4.5!
  2. What would have made it better?
    • @Pam
      More opener examples pertaining to my industry
    • @Florence
    • @Eric
      (Can’t) say there is anything you could have done better!
    • @Jessica
      I enjoyed it. I would like to have some kind of guideline for what I’m going to be learning each week so I can prepare beforehand.
    • @Diane
      Perhaps, although this was an excellent session, go through your examples with the companies in the class — for instance, for the template — great idea — give me an example using (my) business so I get a true sense of what you mean.
  3. Would you recommend this seminar to a colleague?
    • We received “YES” across the board.
  4. If you answered YES to #3, what would you tell your colleague?
    • “That you offer practical, real advice that you can use immediately.  This is not a class on theory of how people think in order to reach them.  This is real-time advice that you can take back and use now, not wait to the end of the course (although, every week we will gain new insight and perspective)”
    • “…it would be worth looking at a different way to improve your sales skills.”
    • “If you think there is any room for improvement with your sales team, you will see some benefit in this course.”
    • “It was helpful for me in a outbound calling role because I make so many phone calls a day.  It helped me organize my prospects and reminded me to keep an objective for each call I make”
  5. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?
    • “I like the opportunity to role play during the session.  We’ve created opening statements as a group, and I had them all with me and might have shared.  No one wants their script shot down in public, but I wish I had shared thinking back.” (Editors Response: No problem… there will be plenty of opportunity to share / role play in the upcoming sessions – Michael Pedone)
    • “I sell services, not a specific product. We are an education consultative service that offers professional development to teachers.  Are their specific tips for services versus tangible items that can be seen and felt. For instance, we offer a service that is designed to increase teacher skills so they get students to learn more and more deeply.  What advice do you have to service oriented businesses versus product based business.” (Editors Response: Stay tuned! Today was only session one of twelve and I only have you for an hour per week. You should see valuable tips in the coming sessions that will answer you question – Michael Pedone)

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Thank you to all who participated in today’s session and gave your feedback.