What Your SALES “Message” Says About You!

Hearing: “No, thanks”, “Not interested” or “We’re all set (click)” responses way too often? Your message may be the cause of it all!

By Michael Pedone:

So I’m in the process of looking for new office space (Expanding… woohoo!) and as I pull into this office complex, there are a few stand-alone doctors offices and one of them has a sign draped outside that says:


It took me a second to read their message. It took me less to formulate an opinion:

  • What’s wrong with them that they have to beg for new patients?
  • Where did the old patients go?
  • Are they so bad that they can’t keep patients? I wonder why they don’t have enough business from referrals of their existing patients?

Their sales message is having the exact opposite effect of what they are trying to accomplish and that got me thinking about all the sales calls I get from salespeople who within the first 15 seconds (usually 5 seconds, actually) turn me off, create resistance or have me perceive them as an annoyance rather than a value added resource.

One can blame the leads, economy or even management all they want, but if you are getting shut down with “No, thanks”, “Not interested” or “We’re all set (click)” responses way too often, you may want to start with looking at your “message” (otherwise known as your OVS – Opening Value Statement) with an objective eye and determine if what you are saying is causing your prospects to respond the way they are. And if it is, here’s the good news… You control what you say. Therefore, you can change it.

Well, doesn’t this just prove that “cold calling” isn’t effective?

Nope, not at all. Remember that office complex I was telling you about? The one I was interested in? So after looking at the building and visiting the inside of it, I called the leasing office (this means I’m a warm inbound lead, right!?!) and the sales person who answered the phone immediately started asking “probing questions” that were more geared towards his benefit and not mine, which creates DISTRUST.

The message I received was he is only caring about his needs and not mine!

And when a prospect feels distrust, even warm leads, they start to wonder if they are making a mistake. So doubt sets in. Next thing you know, other considerations (competitors) that were not on the table a few moments ago are now being pondered by your prospect. Ever get a warm lead and hear the prospects tone noticeably change from interest to guarded?

Bottom line, if you aren’t getting the results you want, it just may be your “message” that’s causing the problem.

Michael Pedone
CSS: Chief Sales Scientist
SalesBuzz.com (A 2011 Sales Training Company Watch List Award Winner!)
888-264-0562 ext. 1

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