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Most Valuable Sales Training Experience

by MichaelPedone 9. October 2010 05:50

The following question was recently posted by Sylvia MacSpadyen on LinkedIn for sales professionals to answer:

"What did you experience in a sales training program, that was most valuable for you in your career?"

Here's my answer:

"Reflecting on all the training I've had in my sales career to try and answer this question, I realized that there was never "one" specific experience that lead to my success other than constantly learning from those who had already achieved the success that I was after.

That came from books, tapes (those things before ipods) vhs videos (that thing before youtube) live paid seminars, buying lunch for whoever was the top sales rep at a new company I started at and picking their brain, developing a group of mentors to learn from, coming in early and role-playing and recording my sales calls so I can self train by analyzing what I said, how I said it and to hear what buying signals I missed etc.

Today's self-motivated sales reps HAVE IT MADE. There are newsletters, blogs, youtube, live and on-demand webinars and tweets all at their finger tips.

You no longer have to wait for your mentor to come rolling into town for a 1/2 seminar... chances are there's an on-demand catalog of webinar to access or a live virtual webinar / session just around the corner."

Bottom line - If you aren't improving, you're falling behind.

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