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B2B Cold Calling Workshop / Phone Sales Expert Michael Pedone

by MichaelPedone 13. March 2013 17:51

Fix It with Our Live Interactive Online Cold Calling Workshop for Inside Sales

“Michael Pedone's philosophy of selling works. And he has a strategy that will work for you.” 
Jeffrey Gitomer – Author, LITTLE RED BOOK OF SALES

You’ll learn how to stop being rejected by gatekeepers, generate more voicemail call backs, properly qualify prospects and get through to the real decision makers. Michael’s step-by-step method shows you how to achieve more sales while spending less time actually “selling”.

From now on, every minute you spend on the phone will be productive because you’ll be confident in your game plan.

B2B Cold Call Training Workshop Agenda:

I – Your New Opening Value Statement
  • How to Pique a Prospects Interest in the First Few Seconds of a Cold Call
  • Eliminate “No, Thanks”, “Not Interested” / “We’re All Set” Responses
  • Includes word-for-word sales script templates / examples
  • 50-Minutes plus (10-minute break / Q & A)
II – Gatekeepers & Voicemails
  • Avoid Getting Rejected by Gatekeepers
  • Increase Voicemail Call Backs
  • Includes word-for-word sales script templates / examples
  • 50-Minutes plus (10-minute break / Q & A)
III – Qualifying (Ask Better Sales Questions Get Better Answers!)
  • Most prospects already have a "solution". Learn how to get them to see they need a new one.
  • Identify the Real Decision Maker(s)
  • “What If I’m Not Speaking With the Real Decision Maker?”
  • Uncover Your Prospects Decision Making / Purchasing / Buying Process
  • Shorten the Sales Cycle
  • Uncover the Prospects Budget
  • 50-Minutes plus (10-minute break / Q & A)
IV – Presentation Skills & Objection Handling
  • Give Presentations that Hit the Prospects Hot Buttons
  • Handle Objections & Close the Sale
  • 50-Minutes plus (10-minute break / Q & A)
  • Take Comprehension Exam
This 1/2 Day Online B2B Cold Calling Workshop Includes:
  • Michael Pedone will be the Presenter for this Outbound B2B Phone Skills Workshop
  • Workshop is online via live video WebEx conferencing
  • All you need is a computer w/speakers, computer headset or VOIP and an Internet connection
  • This workshop will be recorded & made available for review in case you miss the session
  • Includes a comprehension exam
  • Offers Live Chat Room, Q & A and Email Support
  • Includes word-for-word sales script templates for gatekeepers, voicemail messages and opening value statements
  • Includes printable workbook
  • Seating is limited in order to give personal attention.
Session Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Starting Time: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time

Registration Limit: 25

Session Fee: $299.00


For questions call 888-264-0562 Ext. 1


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