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3 Reasons Your Prospect is Still Evaluating Other Options

What Went Wrong and How Do I Get Back in the Game? “Hi Michael: We had a person who owns a party rental company and who contacted us through our website. He said he was evaluating software. So he is looking for the right product. We did the demo and last Thursday I called him to […]

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When Prospects Go Silent, Try this to get a response…

“How do you get prospects that go silent to re-engage with you?” I’ve found that using a little humor will go a long way into getting your “missing in action” prospect to call you back. The key is to have your message stand out and separate yourself from the rest of the sales pack that […]

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Trouble Closing Follow-Up Calls?

“What do you do when a prospect says they are very interested during your first encounter, but won’t take your follow-up calls to take the next step or complete the transaction?” Well, my first thought is, “Why didn’t you close them on the previous call?” Since the answer to THAT question can vary, here’s a […]

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2nd Sales Call “No-Shows” – Why prospects break their commitment

I’m having issues with prospects not answering for our scheduled phone call. We have discussed initial information and because of the complexity of our services a follow up call is usually necessary. The number of people that do not answer the phone for that scheduled call is ridiculously high to me, any tips in fixing […]

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