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This Cold Email Killed It

This Cold Email Killed It (And by “It” I mean a chance for a sale) I received a cold email that said: “Michael, are you interested in adding 6-Figures to your business?” This is such a TURN-OFF question. I hit the delete button immediately. The sad part is, this person may truly be able to […]

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How Would You Respond to This Email?

SALES QUESTION: How would you respond to this email: “Thank you for your email. We are not interested in pursuing your offer at this time. We will retain your contact information for future reference should there be a need.” ANSWER: Well first, I would need to see the email you sent them that caused this […]

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Emails Before Sales Calls

“Should I Cold Email My Prospects Before Calling?” I get this question a lot. I understand it. Most sales reps are tired of getting rejected when selling over the phone. It’s natural to look for a solution that minimizes our own pain. Unfortunately, cold emailing a prospect before calling them only lessens the pain of […]

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Worst Cold Email Ever?

Do you want to send cold emails that turn your prospects off and cause them to hit the delete button? No? Then learn from these atrocious mistakes… First of all let me say this… I’m sure I’ve sent “bad” emails before. Pretty sure most of us have. The key is to learn from them so […]

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Sales Emails: How to Get More Prospects to Open Them & BUY!

“We have a list of targeted prospects that we send emails to – however we aren’t seeing many sales as a result and noticed that our “open rate” is low. How can we get more prospects to open our emails and read them?” “Email” is a powerful sales tool for salespeople. And just like any […]

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How to Warm Up Cold Leads with an Email

“We’re using cold email campaigns to try and warm up leads before inside sales calls on them. My question is, when should the sales reps be calling after we know an email has been read by the prospect? We know speed is critical but I feel that responding too quickly has too much of a […]

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