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Prospect Is Disappointed I Called – What Do I Do?

“What do you do when you call a prospect back and you can tell by the tone of their voice that they don’t want to talk to you, even though you had a good call with them previously?” So just to clarify… You’ve spoken with the prospect before, the previous call(s) seemed to go well […]

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When Prospects Go Silent, Try this to get a response…

“How do you get prospects that go silent to re-engage with you?” I’ve found that using a little humor will go a long way into getting your “missing in action” prospect to call you back. The key is to have your message stand out and separate yourself from the rest of the sales pack that […]

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Is Your Follow-Up Sales Call Strategy Failing You?

SALES QUESTION: “Should I still follow up with a prospect even after they have said “NO” to what we have to offer?”  Sales Answer: Well for starters lets identify that there are two types of “follow-ups”. One is when you are following-up with an active prospect. Meaning the sales dialogue is still happening and progressing […]

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Discussing Price With Prospects – What to do first

“I frequently speak with prospects that sound very interested in what we offer but once I email them the proposal, it’s hard to get them back on the phone or to answer my emails. Why does this happen?” SalesBuzz Answer: If you’ve sent out (emailed) a proposal and aren’t hearing back from your prospects, chances […]

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Trouble Closing Follow-Up Calls?

“What do you do when a prospect says they are very interested during your first encounter, but won’t take your follow-up calls to take the next step or complete the transaction?” Well, my first thought is, “Why didn’t you close them on the previous call?” Since the answer to THAT question can vary, here’s a […]

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Follow-Up Success: Turn Trade Show Leads Into Opportunities

“How can my inside sales team get the most out of trade show leads?” It starts with understanding why both parties participate in trade shows. The top three reasons are: Stay relevant Make new connections Generate leads As you’re collecting leads, you’re meeting new people, having great conversations and making new connections. When the trade […]

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