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When the Gatekeeper Says…

“What do you do when the Gatekeeper says – I will forward this to the appropriate person. They will be back in touch with you directly if there is interest.” “I will forward this to the appropriate person” leads me to believe you either sent a blind email OR you called and asked the gatekeeper […]

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Gatekeeper Sales Tips: What to say when…

“What do you say to a gatekeeper who won’t patch you through to your prospects voicemail and wants to take a message instead?” If you OCCASIONALLY run into a gatekeeper that won’t even put your call to voicemail, you would leave the same message with the gatekeeper that you would have left on the prospects […]

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The “We’re Currently Working With Someone” Objection

Sales Question: “How should I respond when, after I do my introduction, the Gatekeeper says – “We’re Currently Working With Someone” How do you overcome that?” SalesBuzz Answer: By Michael Pedone Well, do you want to “overcome” the objection or “eliminate” it from happening? There’s plenty of sales advice out there on how to respond […]

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