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Rapport Building

How to Make the Hardest Part of Cold Calling Easy

“My hardest part of cold calling is rapport building. I try to learn something personal about them before the call so I can connect with them without sounding fake. Any tips on how to sound sincere?” Hmmm… So you want to do something fake but not sound fake? Let’s call a spade a spade. Trying to […]

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How Your Story Can Increase Sales

“How do you take the theory of “People Buy from People they Like” and turn it into more sales?” Short Answer Is: Tell your story, to the right prospect at the right time. Longer explanation: Most salespeople try and get prospects to “like” them and it often comes out as being insincere. And if prospects […]

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Rapport Building Tactics that Push Clients Away

Recently read another thread on a LinkedIn Group that was touting how sales reps should “build rapport” with prospects in order to close more business and I couldn’t disagree more with this concept. If you are struggling to make quota and are being told that you need to “build rapport” with your prospects, your focus […]

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