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New Leads Not Calling You Back? This May Be Why…

“We follow up on new leads that register for a free trial of our SaaS and I’m having a hard time getting them to call or email me back. I would expect that if the leads were cold but these are warm leads (hand raisers). Are we just getting bad leads?” This is a common […]

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How NOT to Follow-up on Trade Show Leads

“What’s the best way to follow up on trade show leads?” Most sales people mistakenly call trade show leads and start off with something like: “How’d you like the event?” or “You stopped by our booth and expressed interest in our (ex: inventory control software).” The first opener (“How’d you like the event?”) is an example of […]

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Opening Sales Script Template for Multiple Solutions

“I see a lot of opening script ideas and templates pitching a specific solution addressing a specific need. But my company offers solutions which hit on very different pain points. Am I best off opening with something targeted or trying to quickly relay all of our capabilities and hope something hits home?” “Data Dumping” (relaying all of […]

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When NON-Decision Makers Reject Your Price

“How should I respond when a NON decision maker asks me about pricing? Every time I answer them after they press me for a price, they say “Oh – my manager would never approve that” and the call ends. What should I do?” To answer this correctly, we are going to reference those sales situations […]

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Turn Your Sales Script Into a Conversation

“I don’t like using sales scripts because they don’t encourage genuine organic conversations with prospects. Do you agree?” I disagree with this statement and here’s why… Top sales scripts that work follow a formula that creates a conversation between the two parties. It follows a successful process that allows for dialogue while covering (or uncovering) […]

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Can You Fix My Voicemail Message?

“I’m struggling with getting callbacks from my voicemail messages. Our software market is in Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Fire/EMS, and Government and I’m not getting any call backs. Can you help? A copy of my voicemail script is below.” OK… I’ve read your current voicemail script. Let’s see if we can make a few tweaks […]

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