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New Leads Not Calling You Back? This May Be Why…

“We follow up on new leads that register for a free trial of our SaaS and I’m having a hard time getting them to call or email me back. I would expect that if the leads were cold but these are warm leads (hand raisers). Are we just getting bad leads?” This is a common […]

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The “I will not be able to move forward at this time” Email

  SALES QUESTION: “How should I respond when a warm (inbound) sales lead that I’ve called, left a message with, and sent an email to, emails me back and says “I appreciate the follow-up. I will not be able to move forward at this time”? Keep in mind that I have yet to actually speak with the […]

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What’s the Difference Between Cold Calls, Warm Calls and Social Calls?

As a member of several sales related LinkedIn Groups, I’ve noticed a common misconception within the sales community with respect to cold calling, warm calls, social calls and even referrals. For the record, the definition of “cold calling” isn’t blindly picking up the phone and dialing random numbers and pitching your product or service to […]

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How NOT to Follow-up on Trade Show Leads

“What’s the best way to follow up on trade show leads?” Most sales people mistakenly call trade show leads and start off with something like: “How’d you like the event?” or “You stopped by our booth and expressed interest in our (ex: inventory control software).” The first opener (“How’d you like the event?”) is an example of […]

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