How Many Cold Calls Should a Sales Rep Make Per Day?

I recently posted this question in a LinkedIn Group and some of the responses are below:

Bill Paul •  None.

John Olsen •  In my youth, selling copiers, we used to form teams to “cold call” on another guys territory, in London, UK. We each, had the objective, of booking 2 demonstrations, for a morning and 2 demonstrations for an afternoon, for the following week.

Noah Rickun •  If you’re a new sales rep, make as many cold calls as you can each day… If you’re even slightly seasoned, get out of cold calling and start networking (in person and online) your way to success.

Joseph M Collins •  Today there are so many sources of information that the traditional “cold call” should be a thing of the past. Whether you use Linkedin, jigsaw, Insideview, yahoo, bing, google there are so many places to find information or additional contacts that the good sales professional should be well armed prior to their phone calls.

Michael Pedone •  Thank you Joseph and Sean for your comments. Let me just remind everyone that “cold calling” isn’t blindly calling on prospects. That is a “method” of cold calling, and the poorest way to go about it and it has the lowest ROI, but that is not the definition of “cold calling”.

Even if you find some information about a prospect through linkedIn, Jigsaw or even if you get a referral from one of your clients and then call that prospect, it’s still a cold call because the prospect isn’t “raising their hand” at the moment.

Knowing how to do your pre call recon is vital and with today’s online tools, sales people can be better prepared more than ever as long as they know how to prepare.