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Appointment Setting Woes: Decision Maker Giving You the Brush-Off?

“I’m trying to meet with the decision-maker (set up a lunch/learn about our other capabilities etc) but keep getting the brush off (tried to meet with her in May, then August, and now she’s pushed me off until after the first of the year) My question is since I’m not getting anywhere with her, should I reach out to someone else in the company?”

OK so the real question is this:

“Why is she giving you the brush off?”

The answer is this:

“Because she doesn’t see any value in meeting with you.”

What Went Wrong?

Here are a couple of probabilities:

  • Your first interaction didn’t have an opening value statement that piqued interest. Instead, it gave more reasons to avoid than it did to engage.
  • Your follow up calls to set the appointment are also failing because you’re trying to get the appointment instead of getting a commitment to have a few minutes on the phone to first determine if it makes sense for both parties to meet. There’s a huge difference in one message over the other.
  • You aren’t (to my knowledge) using the power of marketing to constantly stay on her radar and build a “BrandYOU” image… In other words, we aren’t getting her to view you as an SME (Subject Matter Expert)… Instead, you are branding yourself as a pesky salesperson.

So What Do You Do Now?

Possible solutions could be:

  • Re-create an opening value statement that piques interest and resets the table if you will. This opener could mention the fact that “I know until now you haven’t seen a reason to meet with me but here’s why I think we should (and now lay it down with specifics that will hit hot buttons)
  • Be prepared ahead of time for voicemail in case you get that and lay your message down with precision.
  • If you get voicemail, make sure you already have an email ready to go as well that you send right after you leave the voicemail message (if you need to know what to say on your voicemail message, watch this on-demand voicemail scripts webinar)
  • No matter if you set the appointment, get another stall or leave a voicemail message, make sure you have some sort of marketing strategy in place that at minimum, once a month gets sent out (via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc) that builds you and or your company’s credibility up as an SME (SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT) in the area that you are trying to help them in.

This way, even if the timing isn’t right, right now, eventually a trigger event will happen and when it does, and they have a problem that you can help them solve comes up, it will be you they call and not a competitor.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone is the founder of SalesBuzz.com – An online sales training company that teaches Phone Sales Tips, Techniques & Strategies that Increase Revenue. Instructor-led & On-demand Sales Training Programs.