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Are You Making Too Many Sales Calls?

“I read that it takes an average of 12 touches before a prospect will buy from you. I don’t want to be a pest so I try and spread out my sales calls but lately it seems all I’m doing is calling the same old leads that never call me back. Am I making too many sales calls?”

OK, we have two issues here.

  1. The “Am I making too many sales calls” question, and
  2. The “I’m calling the same old leads that never call me back” statement

Let’s see if we can fix both of those issues.
With respects to the “Am I making too many sales calls” question, inside salespeople need to understand that a “touch” isn’t just a “phone call”.

In addition to calling a prospect, a touch can be a LinkedIn connection request, a personal email, a webinar invite or a drip marketing automation email filled with relevant helpful advice.

Here’s a simple easy to follow system I use to avoid being a pest while making sure I’m front and center when a prospect is ready to engage:

For starters, you can literally get three (3) touches done on your first attempt with your prospect by leaving a well thought out voicemail (touch #1), followed by an email (touch #2) and then sending a LinkedIn connection request (touch #3) all on the first contact attempt.

Your second attempt is a guaranteed two additional touches via a 2nd voicemail followed by another email.

So we are up to 5 “touches” on 2 attempts.

Add a third sales call attempt and now you’re up to seven (7) touches in three attempts (assuming you left a third voicemail followed by an email)

Include an invite to a webinar that will show them how to solve a problem and now you’re at 8 touches.
Add a weekly marketing email that offers useful tips and advice and that will add 4 additional touches, bringing you 12 touches in 30-days.

Keep in mind that before a prospect will buy from you, they have to trust you can help solve their problem better than anyone else.

Leaving effective voicemails and emails is a great start.

Providing them with helpful tips (via webinars and or email marketing automation solutions) is an additional critical piece of the puzzle.

But you have to make sure your message is on point, which leads us to the second issue:

“I’m calling the same old leads that never call me back”

If you’re leaving voicemail messages and sending emails only to hear crickets from your prospects, it’s time to own this problem, not place blame.

Best way to fix this issue is to have you and your sales manager listen to your voicemail messages, and then ask the hard questions:

How do you sound? Is your tone upbeat with the right amount of enthusiasm and eagerness to see if you can help? Or do you sound like it’s the 10,000th voicemail you left today?

If your voicemail messages aren’t working make sure how you are saying what you are saying isn’t the problem, before you go changing the message. And most importantly, be open to the feedback your sales manager gives you.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone teaches inside sales teams how to pick up the phone and close business. He is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com – An online sales training company.


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