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Buying Signal Or Stall?

“How do I determine, when my prospect asks for a free demo/trial if it’s a BUYING SIGNAL or just a STALL TACTIC to get me off the phone?” 

You can uncover if the “free demo/trial” request is a buying signal or a stall with one question:

“Mr. Prospect, assume for a moment you go through our demo and like it… What happens next?”

Now your prospect’s answer will tell you a lot. Here are a few things to look out for:

“We Buy It!”

OK great. They are ready to go should they like your demo. I would tie them down on the time frame and uncover their purchasing process while getting them what they need to access the demo.

“If I like it I’ll run it by my boss and see what he/she says”

UH-OH! You aren’t speaking with the real decision-maker! Time to back-up because you missed a step in the qualifying process OR you aren’t asking the right sales qualifying questions.

“I’ll call and let you know (Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You)”

Another UH-OH but this one usually means you’ve moved too far ahead in the sales process and skipped the problem recognition/create/find a need phase.

Time to go back and find a hot button, fast.

The good news is this… responses 2 and 3 can be greatly minimized if you follow a strategic step-by-step sales process that doesn’t leave you exposed to incorrectly categorizing your prospect’s decision-making role or missing the problem recognition / create/find a need phase.

A lot of salespeople over the years have shied away from using sales scripts (and with good reason – many of them were just cheesy) however a well thought out sales script that ensures you ask the right questions at the right time (and in the right order) will not only get your whole team on the same page but help avoid missing critical steps in the sales process.

Just something to think about if you’re one of the many who no longer feel sales scripts are a good idea. For what it’s worth, I still use them to this day.

Michael Pedone –

Michael Pedone is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com. An online sales training company that shows inside sales teams how to: avoid being rejected by gatekeepers, leave voicemail messages that get callbacks, and overcome tough pricing objections.