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How Many Leads Should Sales Reps Work Per Month?

How Many Leads Should Sales Reps Work Per Month? Determining how many leads a sales rep should handle per month is a critical data point for growing revenue—the answer affects forecasts and hiring. Too many leads and not enough SDRs (sales development reps), and you’ve wasted valuable marketing dollars. Too many BDR’s (business development reps) […]

How to Generate Sales Leads

“What if it’s hard to get past the name of my company? I have a strong value prop, but as soon as I say my company name, they cut me off with “Not interested”. I don’t even get a chance to get my opening statement OUT before getting shut down. Any advice?” I can only […]

Why Your LinkedIn Prospecting Isn't Working

SALES QUESTION: “I’m sending out emails to my LinkedIn connections but nothing’s working… Why?” Answer: Probably because you’re sending out emails like this one… (Names etc were changed to protect the guilty) “Hi! A while back we connected on LinkedIn and I just wanted to keep in touch and see what we can help each […]

List Buying Alternatives that Produce Better Results

Sales Question: “Do You Recommend, “LIST BUYING” and if so, which sources do you use?” Answer: As a straight-commissioned sales rep most of my adult working life, I’ve had a fair share of calling on bought lists and all the “fun” that comes along with them. But it wasn’t until one of my mentors taught […]

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