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Prospecting – The Achilles Heel of Inside Sales

“I’m responsible for prospecting my leads, and the results I want aren’t there… Any advice?” I’ve found that the salespeople who struggle the most to make quota have two things in common: They are using a flawed sales process (and in most cases don’t even know it) They call on low % prospects — a lot. This […]

When’s the Best Time to Prospect?

“I’m responsible for generating my own leads. When’s the best time of the day to prospect and make new sales calls?” Prospecting and making sales calls are two separate activities. Most salespeople make the mistake of viewing them as one activity by searching for a lead, find a lead, call the lead, repeat process. This […]

Email Prospecting Strategies

Email Prospecting Strategies: How to get a 23% Response Rate in 72-hours or less when cold email prospecting IN THIS SESSION YOU WILL LEARN: What the REAL Stats are on Cold Email Prospecting Why Cold Email Prospecting is Failing How to Generate a 23% Response Rate in 72-hours or less. – Michael Pedone Michael Pedone […]

Prospecting: How Many Attempts Should I Make?

“How Many Times Should I Try to Contact a Prospect?” First, we need to identify which sales situation we are referring to. Are we discussing contacting a “first-time” prospect, meaning you have yet to make contact with a new prospect/lead, or are we discussing a “follow-up” sales call situation where you’ve done a presentation and […]

The Sales Prospecting Secret That Gets Results

Sales Prospecting Everything starts with sales prospecting. If you don’t have a prospect to call on, you can’t make a sale. And if you’re a salesperson, “no sale” means “no money”. Early on in my sales career, I hated and feared the word Prospecting. It conjured up images of randomly knocking on people’s doors or […]

LinkedIn Prospecting: Turn Connections Into Sales

“I’ve started sending potential prospects a LinkedIn connection request. What should I do once they accept? Do I now have the right to call and pitch my services to them?” My short answer to your LinkedIn prospecting question is this: Don’t make them sorry they accepted your LinkedIn connection request. Let’s turn the situation around… […]

LinkedIn Prospecting Strategy

LinkedIn Prospecting Strategy “What’s the Best Way to Reach Prospective Customers Via LinkedIn?” Think again if you expect to make a LinkedIn connection and then make a sale. Just because someone accepts your LinkedIn request doesn’t mean they’ve opened the door for you to do a presentation. You need a little more “courting” before you […]

Using LinkedIn for Sales

Using LinkedIn for Sales When to Connect with Prospects on LinkedIn “When I cold call a prospect and they have some interest in my product, for example they take a demo, at what point should I invite this person to my LinkedIn network? Now? When the deal closes? Or somewhere in-between?” Is there a valid […]

Emails Before Sales Calls

“Should I Cold Email My Prospects Before Calling?” I get this question a lot. I understand it. Most sales reps are tired of getting rejected when selling over the phone. It’s natural to look for a solution that minimizes our own pain. Unfortunately, cold emailing a prospect before calling them only lessens the pain of […]

Sales Prospecting Techniques

Sales Prospecting Techniques “I love to sell, but I hate prospecting. How can I get better at something I don’t want to do?” Sales prospecting techniques are a key cornerstone for any sales professional that wants to increase sales. To be successful at prospecting, it takes more than just “sales motivation” – it takes a […]

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