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To Script or Not To Script. That is the Sales Question

Cold Calling Sales Scripts “Should you script out your conversation before calling? Would you recommend this, and if yes, then how closely do you think people should stick to the script?” Traditional sales scripts are usually loaded with faulty sales tactics such as the “yes pattern,” which not only turns prospects off, it turns the […]

What to Do When a Prospect Says NO THANKS!

Best Sales Rebuttals for Not Interested “What Do I Say When the Prospect Rejects My Opening Value Statement? I have a new opener that works very well for me, but occasionally a prospect will say “No, Thanks” – What should I do?” EDITORS NOTE: An “opening value statement” or “opener” is what you say to […]

The “What’s Your Budget” Qualifying Question

“When should I ask, “What is your budget?” when qualifying a warm (Inbound) lead?” You want to know when you should ask “What’s Your Budget?” – Let me answer that question with a question. When you make an inquiry about a product or service you have an interest in, and the salesperson asks you, “What […]

What Sales Questions Should Be Asked On the Phone

What Sales Questions Should Be Asked On the Phone I once witnessed high school students compete in a mock trial competition, battling it out in a courtroom with actual judges, with each team having to take turns being the prosecution and the defense. During one of the mock trials, a student in the “prosecution role” […]

Asking the Right B2B Sales Questions the Wrong Way

Asking B2B Sales Questions Over the Phone? Here’s How to Avoid Scaring Prospects Away Knowing what to say and when to say it isn’t enough for selling by phone. The real home run hitters have a very fluid tone to their conversations that put prospects at ease. Their prospects can “feel” the sincerity over the […]

Mapping Your Sales Questions

B2B sales questions are the keys to qualifying. But have you ever overheard one of your sales reps on the phone and they asked multiple questions, all at once? Does that make you cringe? It should. Because it’s a sign that the sales rep is struggling and not exactly sure what questions to ask or […]

The Best Prospecting Qualifying Questions

Sales Podcast #RealSalesTalk Podcast Interview w/Michael Pedone: The best-prospecting qualifying questions The CEO of SalesBuzz, Michael Pedone, is on for this episode talking about prospecting qualifying questions. Michael is a polished teacher, as he provides specific phrasing and wording suggestions for how to get the right outcomes. Take a listen…  Michael Pedone teaches inside […]

The Best Sales Prospecting Qualification Questions to Ask

Best Sales Qualifying Questions to Ask When Prospecting I read an article that touted what the “The Best Sales Prospecting Qualification Questions to Ask” were to ask. At the top of the list, the very first “best” sales prospecting qualification question to ask was: What challenges are you experiencing with your current process/technology? Here’s why […]