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Fix Your Cold Calling Script to Grow Revenue

Is Your Cold Calling Script Creating More Problems Than It Solves? A solid cold calling script will give your sales team a step-by-step road map on how to get prospects from “Hello, my name is” to “Thank you for your business”. If your sales team hears “No, Thanks,” “Not Interested,” “We’re All Set!”, “No Budget” […]

How to Upsell Over the Phone

“Our inside sales team is missing their add-on sales quota. I’ve tried everything from extra incentives to threats, but nothing is working. Any suggestions?” As in most things with sales, the problem isn’t for lack of wanting or trying, but in execution. I’m sure your team would want to earn those extra incentives and try […]

This Cold Email Script Killed It

This Cold Email Script Killed It (And by “It” I mean a chance for a sale) I received a cold email that said: “Michael, are you interested in adding 6-Figures to your business?” This is such a TURN-OFF question. I hit the delete button immediately. The sad part is, this person may truly be able […]

10 Sales Scripts Facts You Need to Know Now

Hate Sales Scripts? Here’s the thing about outbound phone sales scripts: there’s no actual magic in it, but when it’s done right – when the sales script is so good it sounds as natural as a chat with your neighbor – that’s when the magic happens. Do you and your team know the difference between a […]

Can I speak with your boss?

Inside Sales Techniques to Use on Non-Decision Makers “How do you get a Non-Decision Maker to put you in contact with the real Decision Maker?” Ideally, salespeople want only to be calling the real decision-makers; however, that is simply not a reality. Interacting with non-decision makers is a daily occurrence for B2B salespeople, whether they […]

When Prospects Ask “What’s the Price?” Question

How do you respond to customers who want to know your price right away? So… quick clarification question before giving my answer… A) Is this a call-in and the prospect says, “What’s your best price”? B) Is this a call-in and the prospect says, “I’m calling to get some pricing information on your XYZ”? C) […]

Creating Opening Value Statements that Heat Up Cold Calls

SALES SCRIPTS Creating Opening Value Statements that Heat Up Cold Calls Forget “sales scripts”. To succeed in today’s selling environment, top sales pros will need a complete playbook. This means having multiple “opening value statements” crafted, practiced and memorized for different types of sales calls. One of the most common sales calls is the “first-time” […]

New Leads Not Calling You Back? This May Be Why…

“We follow up on new leads that register for a free trial of our SaaS and I’m having a hard time getting them to call or email me back. I would expect that if the leads were cold but these are warm leads (hand raisers). Are we just getting bad leads?” This is a common […]

When NON-Decision Makers Reject Your Price

“How should I respond when a NON decision maker asks me about pricing? Every time I answer them after they press me for a price, they say “Oh – my manager would never approve that” and the call ends. What should I do?” To answer this correctly, we are going to reference those sales situations […]

Turn Your Sales Script Into a Conversation

“I don’t like using sales scripts because they don’t encourage genuine organic conversations with prospects. Do you agree?” I disagree with this statement, and here’s why… Top sales scripts that work follow a formula that creates a conversation between the two parties. It follows a successful process that allows for dialogue while covering (or uncovering) […]

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