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B2B LEAD GENERATION: Prospecting Trouble? How to Generate Sales Leads

“What if it’s hard to get past the name of my company? I have a strong value prop, but as soon as I say my company name, they cut me off with “Not interested”. I don’t even get a chance to get my opening statement OUT before getting shut down. Any advice?” I can only […]

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Why Your LinkedIn Prospecting Isn’t Working

SALES QUESTION: “I’m sending out emails to my LinkedIn connections but nothing’s working… Why?” Answer: Probably because you’re sending out emails like this one… (Names etc were changed to protect the guilty) “Hi! A while back we connected on LinkedIn and I just wanted to keep in touch and see what we can help each […]

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List Buying Alternatives that Produce Better Results

Sales Question: “Do You Recommend, “LIST BUYING” and if so, which sources do you use?” Answer: As a straight-commissioned sales rep most of my adult working life, I’ve had a fair share of calling on bought lists and all the “fun” that comes along with them. But it wasn’t until one of my mentors taught […]

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