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How to Answer “Is That Your Best Price?”

“Is That Your Best Price?” “I received a call back from my prospect (whom is the info gatherer) regarding a proposal we’ve been working on. She said her boss (read: decision maker) was interested in setting up a meeting with me to discuss the project further, and then she asked me if what I sent […]

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Tired of 2nd Place Proposals? Learn to Negotiate When Selling by Phone

“I’m losing deals to competitors that undercut my proposal and beat my best offer. What can I do?” OK well, there are lots of assumptions to be made here in order to answer this effectively. So let’s cover some basics such as 1) you are speaking with a decision maker who 2) has agreed they […]

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B2B Phone Sales Negotiations: Missed Deadline

“I gave my prospect a pricing incentive with a deadline in order to close a deal but the deadline passed and I haven’t gotten the order from them yet… What should I do?” This is a perfectly timed question as this just happened to me as well. Before I answer it, let’s confirm a few […]

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How to Avoid Losing Profits Due to Dealing with Non Decision Makers

How should you respond to the scenario presented below? “My manager said a 10% discount is not enough since we are interested in purchasing a 3 user license. Considering the number of other options available to us, he says a more acceptable discount would be 20%. Can you match this discount?” First thing I notice […]

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Sales Negotiation Training 101

Losing Deals to Cheaper Competitors? This may help…“When in the negotiation phase, I’m being asked for a better price. I know this is going to happen so I’ve started leaving a little room to move, however after I give a price break, I’m hearing “OK thanks, we will get back in touch with you” but […]

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How & When to Create a Sense of Urgency During Holidays

Sales Question: “How Do I Create a Sense of Urgency this Time of Year? Many of my prospects are saying “call me after the holidays” What are some ways to keep the pipeline full during the holidays?” Answer: OK well we are being asked to answer two different situations… The later, “What are some ways […]

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