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How Do You Qualify a Lead?

“How Do You Qualify a Lead?” I’m confused by this question because for a lead to be qualified, you, the sales person, have to uncover/know three things about your prospect in order to determine if they are “qualified”. And the only way possible to accomplish that is to ask the right questions at the right […]

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WHEN PROSPECTS SAY, “We’re Considering Other Options”

“When making follow-up calls, how should I respond when a prospect says they haven’t made a decision yet and that they are still considering other options?” The problem is this… 98% of the time this objection is a stall. I prefer to ELIMINATE these types of stalls from happening, rather than try and deal with […]

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Qualifying: The Warm Lead Challenge

“I have too many prospective requests coming in and I’m finding it hard to keep up. Warm leads sometimes come in so fast and furious perhaps this is a good problem to have, but it can be somewhat frustrating, as I’d like to benefit from each and every request although it isn’t always possible. What […]

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3-Steps to win RFP’s when competing with a low cost provider

SALES QUESTION: “How do you win RFP’s while competing VS a low cost provider?” Step 1) Uncover what problems they are wanting to solve (and why they want them solved) and make sure what you offer is a good fit. Your job as a salesperson isn’t to “close” every lead you come across. Your job […]

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