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Prospecting: How to Qualify Leads and Prospects

“What telltale signs should a rep look for to help qualify a prospect?” This sales question is a curious one to me because it makes me think that the salesperson doesn’t understand the definition of “qualify” a prospect. If they did, this would not be a question. What I think the salesperson means to ask […]

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How to Get Out of a Sales Slump

“I’m in a sales slump and in serious jeopardy of falling too far behind to hit my annual sales quota. What should I do?” Falling into a sales slump is a problem all salespeople have to deal with at some point in their career. And if you’re a straight commissioned, or heavily commissioned (low base […]

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This LinkedIn Cold Message is a Fail 99.9% of the Time

LinkedIn Cold Message Fail I received a LinkedIn Cold Message notification on my Apple watch that said: “HI Michael, I hope you have a nice day. I’d like to know a little more about” Now, since this was on my watch, that is all I could see. So, I opened my LinkedIn messages on my […]

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How to Hire Sales Development Reps

“I want to grow revenue and I’m looking for tips on how to hire sales development reps (SDR’s). Any advice?” The B2B world went nuts when Aaron Ross from SalesForce fame wrote “Predictable Revenue” about how he broke teams up into prospectors (SDR’s) and closers (AE’s, or, Account Executives) Technically, this was not a new […]

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