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Kick Cold Calling Fears to the Curb

Cold Calling Courses that Create Confidence


Are members of your sales team afraid of cold calling? Maybe they’re tired of hearing “No, thanks” or being unable to reach the real decision-makers.

Good news: There are two cures for cold calling reluctance: technique and confidence. Luckily, your sales team can get both at the same place with our online cold calling course led by Michael Pedone.

Technique + Confidence = Results

“I’ve seen increased confidence in the sales team since the training. They now have a playbook to follow which gives them that confidence… as long as they follow the process, they have success.” Cathy Warner, Sales Development Manager, Print-O-Stat Inc.

The SalesBuzz Difference

There are plenty of self-described experts offering sales courses that promise to teach their “method”. 

But SalesBuzz knows that the art of sales can’t be boiled down to a single tactic or trick. It’s actually made up of a robust set of skills that all work together.

Michael’s course curriculum breaks down the entire sales process into eight easy-to-understand lessons, giving trainees a week in between each 60-minute session to practice and embed what they’ve learned.

Their enthusiasm grows as their knowledge builds up in layers until they pass the final exam.

This format has proven to be the best way to turn newly-acquired skills into productive habits that contribute to your team’s sales success over the short and long term.

“Our KPIs since starting your training are skyrocketing! 25% increase in setting appointments and a 30.4% increase in appointments to opportunities.” Chris Corcoran, VP of Sales, memoryBlue

Let SalesBuzz do a number on your numbers, too.


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