About Michael Pedone & SalesBuzz

Michael Pedone / SalesBuzz: Online Sales Training that Works

Michael Pedone, founder and CEO of SalesBuzz.com, is a name well known to many in the world of online business. He launched an internet marketing company during the dot com meltdown and defied the odds by turning it into a massively successful venture. A large factor in its success was Michael’s ability to teach his proven phone sales techniques to his ever-expanding staff, creating swift growth for the company.

He sold the firm at the peak of its profitability so he could turn his attention to a new challenge. Michael drew on his background as a commissioned sales person and a sales trainer when he created the programs that form the backbone of SalesBuzz.com.

Michael recognized a crucial weakness in most sales companies seminars: the initial glow of enthusiasm whipped up by charismatic speakers soon wears off leaving attendees several hundred or thousand dollars poorer and selling just as little as before. He wanted to offer sales professionals a more effective, affordable sales training mode.

The online sales training programs he designed for SalesBuzz.com harness the power of technology to help companies keep their training costs under control. The students benefit from learning exciting new sales strategies they can start using immediately. And they learn conveniently, at home or office, without having to travel to a workshop in a far-away locale.

The SalesBuzz.com online sales training method is winning positive reviews:

“The structure of the online course combined with the live, ongoing web based conferences have been especially helpful and insightful in retaining what we have learned. The training was instrumental at helping us learn how to reach and involve the “real” decision makers and has thus dramatically shortened our sales cycle. Thank You!” -Drew Allen, Sales Manager, Inventory Management Solutions

“I had the great pleasure of working with Michael Pedone for many years. His talent and consummate professionalism made him stand out among our 200+ employees. He has great marketing, sales and entrepreneurial savvy and I would recommend him without reservation to anyone in need of his services.” -Mike Kaplan, Owner, The Kaplan Group, Inc.