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On-demand B2B Phone Skills Improvement Program

Course #1

How to Open a Sales Call

Learn what to say after “Hello, my name is…” In this online sales course, you will learn how to custom create an opening value statement that piques interest and lowers resistance in the first 30-seconds of a cold call, how to avoid being rejected by gatekeepers and how to leave voicemails that get prospects to call you back.


  • How to Pique a Prospects Interest in the First Few Seconds of a Sales Call
  • Eliminate “No, Thanks”, “Not Interested” / “We’re All Set” Responses
  • Includes word-for-word sales script templates/examples for Cold and Warm Calls
  • Avoid Getting Rejected by Gatekeepers
  • Increase Voicemail Call Backs
  • Includes word-for-word sales script templates/examples for
    • Gatekeepers
    • Voicemails
    • Email
  • Comprehension Exam
  • 60-Minute Class (Approximately)

Course #2

How to Qualify a Prospect Over The Phone

In this sales course, students will learn how to uncover potential problems prospects are unaware of, discover their buying process, and reduce stall objections before they occur.


  • How to Get Your Prospect to Open Up
  • Get Prospects to Recognize Existing Problems/Challenges
  • Uncover a Prospects Hot Button (Buying Motives)
  • Create Urgency for a Solution
  • Includes word-for-word sales script templates/examples for
    • Engagement questions
    • Opportunity size questions
    • Finding pain points/hot buttons
  • Identify the Real Decision Maker(s)
  • What to do (and NOT do) If You Aren’t Speaking With the Real Decision Maker
  • How to Qualify Your Prospect on Price / Affordability
  • Includes word-for-word sales script templates/examples for:
    • Identify your prospect’s real decision-making role
    • Time Frame
    • Price (no more surprise “not in the budget” objections!)
  • Comprehension Exam
  • 60-Minute Class (Approximately)

Course #5

Presentation, Objection Handling & Closing Skills

This sales course will show your team how to tailor presentations to their prospect’s hot buttons and buying motives, smoothly transition from presentation to closing, and how to handle objections and close the sale.


  • Give Presentations that Hit the Prospects Hot Buttons & Increase Desire For Action
  • How to Uncover the Real Objection & Close the Sale
  • Includes word-for-word sales script templates/examples for:
    • Presentation Tie-downs
    • Closing on Solution Concept
    • Isolating the Real Objection
    • Handling & Closing the Sale
  • Comprehension Exam
  • 50-Minute Class (Approximately)

Course #6

Follow-up Calls & Referrals

In this sales course, your team will learn how to avoid follow-up call failure, a 5-step follow-up call strategy, plus how to use social selling to generate warm inbound leads and referrals.


  • Make Sure Your Follow-Up Calls Lead to a Close
  • How to Safely Get More Referrals without Risking Client Relationships
  • Includes word-for-word sales script templates/examples for:
    • Follow-up calls
    • Follow-up voicemails
    • Follow-up emails
    • Referral emails
  • Comprehension Exam
  • BONUS: Social Selling and Referrals Lead Generation
  • 50-Minute Class (Approximately)

Course #7

Goals Setting

In this sales course, Michael shares personal strategies that will help you overcome challenges and reach new achievements.


  • How to Stay Motivated – Especially During Tough Times
  • Set and Achieve More Sales & Personal Goals
  • 50-Minute Class (Approximately)

Course #8

Time Management Skills

In our final sales class, we will discuss simple time management and call block strategies that will have a huge impact on your sales numbers.


  • Be More Productive & Gain Structure to Your Day
  • FINAL Exam for Certification*
  • 50-Minute Class (Approximately)


Stellar Testimonials

Over 4,000 happy clients have achieved tangible results.

“Michael Pedone is one of the few sales trainers that actually knows what he’s talking about. Take his course. It’s money in the bank.”


Jeffrey Gitomer
Sales Author, Little Red Book of Selling

“Michael’s program is a perfect solution for any sales organization that primarily sell over the phone.”


Russel Durrant
Vice President of Sales, Prophix Software

“This is by far the best cold calling sales training course I have ever taken. My reps love it and live by its teachings.”


Vince Miceli
Director of Sales

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