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How to Accelerate Your Sales Success

Sales Question:

“I’m doing OK at sales, but I want to be doing BETTER… what else should I do?”


A key ingredient to accelerated success is something we all have the power to do. A simple tool that takes just a few minutes to use and is so powerful; consider it rocket fuel for your career. The challenge however will be having enough discipline and drive to use it consistently.

The Problem

Everyday we all have two choices:

  1. Have “life” dictate to us what we are going to do; or…
  2. Take control and steer our own ship.

If we allow “life” to dictate our every action, we simply end up going through the motions, handling what ever fire happens to pop up at any given moment, and at the end of the day, we’ve done a lot, yet have accomplished very little at moving closer to achieving our own personal and professional goals.

The Solution

Grab the wheel and map your own course.

Taking control and steering your own ship is as simple as this:

Everyday, make a list of 5 goals / objectives that you want to complete / accomplish before the end of that day – and then come Hell or High Water, make it happen.

These types of goals are called “process” goals… these are steps / activities etc that you can control and if done consistently over time, will help you achieve your results or “outcome” goals and at a much faster pace and will help you go from “good” to “great”.

Here’s an example of what these daily goals / tasks might look like for a B2B inside sales person:

  1. Listen to 10 minutes of a motivational audio-book on way to work (it doesn’t matter which one, just start with one and go from there);
  2. Get to work 20-minutes early and role-play
  3. Make 40 sales calls before noon
  4. Prospect 20 new accounts between 3 pm and 4 pm (just build the list; don’t make the calls yet)
  5. Prepare tomorrows “prospecting hit list” before 5 pm (this way when you come in the next morning, you already have your “hit-list” ready to call.

These are just examples for you to consider and they are ones that I’ve personally used and still use. But feel free to make up your own as you see fit. 

Some can be daily repeats and others may only be needed once in a while. But always have at least five.

The Benefit

When we map out what it is we want to achieve and why, and we focus on doing what it is that we need to do to get there, you will notice how quickly you start to get closer to achieving your goals / objectives / desires.

When we start making progress, we feel better about ourselves. When we feel better about ourselves, we have more power to overcome the “rough seas” that would normally capsize our goals and knock us off course.

Most importantly, it swings the odds heavily in our favor that we will reach what we are all individually chasing. Whatever that may be.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“The longest journey begins with a single step”

Take five of those steps today.

Michael Pedone
CSS: Chief Sales Scientist
SalesBuzz.com (A 2011 Sales Training Company Watch List Award Winner!)