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How to Fix Your Sales Slump

Two reasons why sales slumps happen:

  1. You Stopped Doing what Made You Successful. Usually this happens when a sales person gets “lazy” and starts short-cutting the steps to be successful. Other times its outside distractions that we let get in the way of what we need to do and then that lack of sales just makes the situation worse.
  2. The Game Changed and You Didn’t. So you were top dog when the leads were pouring in, closing everything in sight. But now in order to survive, sales reps have to do a lot more outbound dialing then ever before. That’s a whole new sales game and you aren’t on a level playing field with the prospects. And you’re having your @ss handed to you on a platter.

Recession or no recession, all sales people go into a slump and the key is to know how to get out of it.

Below are three ironclad steps you can take today to help you or your team get back on track.

  1. Identify the Problem. Did you stop doing what made you successful in the past or are you simply not prepared to play the game the way it is now? Today’s average sales person can no longer survive on low hanging fruit. Hot sales leads are a blessing when they appear but are no longer the norm. What ever it is, your recovery won’t be as quick as it could be until you identify the problem(s).
  2. Find the Solution. Record your calls and do a self-analysis. Would you buy from you? Are you missing critical steps in the sales process? Does your old sales process gel with the way prospects buy today? If this is a problem area that you can’t fix on your own with the desired results, its time to bring someone in who can.
  3. Practice the Solution. Amateurs practice till they get it right. Pros practice till they can’t get it wrong. Once you’ve identified the problem and found the appropriate solution, role-playing it until you have it down cold is the only way to ensure long term results. 20-minutes a day of practicing the correct techniques is all it takes to get you sharp and ready for the call before actually making the call.

Final Thought…

It doesn’t matter if the economy is to blame or not. The bottom line is this: if you or your team isn’t making its number, something has to change. Influence your destiny while you still can before someone in upper management decides it for you.

Most of today’s sales issues aren’t hiring issues but rather “skill” issues. And that’s good news. Because it means there’s a solution out there. It’s fixable. And the slump can come to an end.


Michael Pedone
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