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Is Cold Calling a Waste of Time?

Let me be very clear that I much prefer – and work on getting – warm leads… Those who “raise their hand” and want to know more… it’s one of the main reasons why I offer my view points / tips and perspective on LinkedIn Groups (as many of us do).

Further more, I encourage other individual sales reps (whether they are self-employed entrepreneurs, small business owners or (and especially) outbound phone sales reps who work for others) to learn how to involve / include “social selling” as a way to generate fresh hot pre-qualified leads.

With that being said, even the hottest leads grow cold. If you as a sales rep hosted your own webinar and had 200 people attend and they are all pre-qualified you alone would not be able to get to all of them before they “cooled” off or went cold.

The point is this… cold calling is contacting any prospect that isn’t currently raising their hand or expecting your call. And that goes for non-organic referrals.

If you contact a client and get 3 referrals from them via asking for them, it’s still a cold call. The referral was asking to be contacted.

Pre-call planning is one of the keys to successful cold calling.

Knowing who your targeted audience is, what pains / frustrations / desires your targeted audience has isn’t “warm calling” like some non-successful past “cold callers” are claiming it to be who are now selling “social calls” as some new thing (which it isn’t). It’s simply smart prospecting.

I say social calls aren’t new because several of us here have been using the internet to learn about our prospects before we call them ever since company websites started popping up.

Sure, the concept may be new to most sales reps (and that’s O.K.) but the proper way of researching and prospecting isn’t.

Now to the point of the originally question… if you are one of the lucky few who have zero time for doing any outbound dials because calls are flooding in and you are making quota, then yes, cold calling would be a waste of time. For everyone else, it’s the main reason why you are being paid a commission with no ceiling. Sky’s the limit. Get better at it, make more money and drive a nicer car to work (or whatever your “hot button” is)


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