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Is Your Follow-Up Sales Call Strategy Failing You?


“Should I still follow up with a prospect even after they have said “NO” to what we have to offer?” 

Sales Answer:
Well for starters lets identify that there are two types of “follow-ups”.
One is when you are following-up with an active prospect. Meaning the sales dialogue is still happening and progressing further along. And the other is when as you said, the conversations have come to an end.
Many sales people waste a lot of time calling on prospects that have repeatedly rejected their offer. This clogs up your pipeline. You can only make so many calls in a day and if a good majority of those calls are past “rejects” it shouldn’t be a surprise if you are struggling to hit your sales quota. You can’t expect to grow a crop in bad soil, no matter how many times you replant the seeds.

Or Can You?

There’s this funny thing that all prospects get every once in a while and in every vertical / industry and thats called a “TRIGGER EVENT”.
A trigger event is something that happens on the prospects side that makes them realize that they now have a problem and could use a solution. Maybe your solution.
Its what makes a cold lead, warm. Or even hot.
However, if you kept calling every prospect that has told you “NO” and continued to follow up with them, you would never have time to restock the lake. And constantly talking to fresh new prospects is key in sales.

So… What Do We Do Now?

If you are a one-man band, learn how to write, create and send out helpful newsletters that “do the dialing” for you.
As your database grows every week, you will get more and more “no’s” along with your yes’. The ones that fall into the “no” category can be put on your helpful newsletter list.
This is where you are offering advice on how to solve a problem that your targeted audience has. And if they like what you have to say in your newsletters, they will continue to read them. And when a trigger event happens on their end, their hand will go up. They will call you!
If you are one of many inside sales reps in your organization, it’s my opinion that marketing should be taking care of this for you. If they aren’t doing this already, feel free to share this email with them. After all, the more leads you end up closing, the better marketing looks!
– Michael Pedone
Michael Pedone prepares millennials on how to cold call their way into new accountsHe is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com – An online sales training company.

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