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Is Your Sales Quota Unreasonable?

Sales Question:

“The Company Raised Everyone’s Quota This Year … How Do They Expect Us to Hit It When We Didn’t Even Make Last Years Number? It Just Doesn’t Make Any Sense!!!”


It’s true that some companies set really high sales quotas because they believe if a lower number were given, the sales team would generate lower results. (I’m not saying they are right or wrong, I’m just pointing out a fact)

It’s also true that some companies seem to pick a number out of a hat with no rhyme or reason.

And there are also companies that know EXACTLY how much revenue they need to generate from your phone line.

No matter which sales quota method your company uses, or you think they use, here’s the deal…

Until it’s your name on the building, if the company says, “This is your quota”, you either figure out a way to make it happen or deal with the consequences.

Sharing your disgruntled feelings about the matter at the water cooler isn’t going to help anyone or provide any real solutions to achieving the task at hand.


Following the same game plan that failed you last year won’t help you hit a higher target this year – you’ll just end up doing more of what we already know didn’t work.


Having a higher sales quota has caused a problem. And that’s a GOOD THING. Here’s why…

PROBLEMS cause us to find SOLUTIONS. And solutions tend to make our lives BETTER.

Having a “problem” such as an extremely challenging sales quota forces us to:

  • Get Creative (Which will also help us stand apart from our competition)
  • Recognize and Fix Flaws in Our Current Process (We get better as a result)
  • Achieve Greater Success (Experience Higher Gratification)

If you change the way you look at the situation, you can turn what at first feels likes a crushing weight on your chest, into a motivating and rewarding challenge. One I know you can achieve. But it all starts with a single decision… give up or game on! This is where the battle is won or lost.