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List Buying Alternatives that Produce Better Results

Sales Question:

“Do You Recommend, “LIST BUYING” and if so, which sources do you use?”


As a straight-commissioned sales rep most of my adult working life, I’ve had a fair share of calling on bought lists and all the “fun” that comes along with them.

But it wasn’t until one of my mentors taught me the proper way to prospect that I started to truly advance my career and get closer and closer to that 6-figure income level. And “buying” lists wasn’t part of that strategy.

So my short answer to the question at hand is:

I prefer to build my lists rather than buying one.

How to Build Your List

To build your own list of ready to bite pre-qualified prospects you’ll have to know more than just a SIC code.

For one, you’ll need to identify what makes your best clients, your best clients. It’s more than just company or employee size or annual revenues.

Your best clients bought because they were dealing with a certain set of circumstances that was less than desirable. What were those circumstances? What are the common denominators BETWEEN YOUR TEN BEST ACCOUNTS? What are the trigger events that cause these issues to rise above the noise of everyday fires and demand attention?

Once you’ve identified whom your targeted audience is, its time to go fishing.

Instead of waiting for your company to purchase leads for you, set out to build your own database of pre-qualified leads.

There are several inexpensive ways to generate warm pre-qualified prospects for you to connect with.

Here are a few that come to mind:

  1. Come up with a plan that constantly attracts new pre-qualified prospects to your site and have a strong call to action sign-up form.
  2. Join LinkedIn Groups that your targeted audience participates in and contribute / start discussions on relevant subjects (key problems your audience deals with that you can help solve)
  3. Host webinars that solve problems and cross-market them to your partners. NOTE: Do NOT sell your services during these webinars – simply build your value as a subject matter expert by showing them how to solve a problem that they want to get rid of.
  4. Write articles that speak to your target audience and submit them to sites that need that type of content for their readers.

Any one of these options (and I recommend you implement all of them on a daily/weekly basis) will provide far better results than buying a list and in most cases would cost far less while generating better results.

Get creative. Think differently and you’ll get different results. It’s that simple.

Michael Pedone
CSS: Chief Sales Scientist
SalesBuzz.com (A 2011 Sales Training Company Watch List Award Winner!)

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