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Lost Your Sales Mojo? Here’s How to Get It Back

Lost Your Sales Mojo?

Here’s How to Get It Back

“I seem to have lost my SALES MOJO. What can I do to get it back?”

Chances are, you’re not going to like my answer, but here it goes:

Record Your Sales Calls

Listening to recordings of your own sales calls will allow you to hear how you sound to your prospect objectively (as possible). It will also make it very clear and evident on areas that your sales calls need improvement on, such as:

  • Asking better sales questions,
  • When to ask them;
  • How to ask them (it’s not just what you say, but HOW you say it)

It will also bring to light times when you missed a buying signal or mishandled (or misunderstood) a prospect’s request, question, or objection.

This is an important step in your growth to become a better salesperson. The evidence will be clear when you have it recorded.

Many times salespeople “think” they responded correctly or said the right thing but often do not. Having your calls recorded will be an eye-opening experience that will help you avoid a long learning curve, allowing you to become better faster by quickly realizing which areas need improvement.

Don’t Just Record The Bad Ones…

We all have sales calls that we wish we could do over, and learning from them is important. But it’s also essential to have a few recorded sales calls that we just absolutely nailed.

Keep a “master file” of these calls and label the ones that are examples of “needing work,” but also label the ones that were spot-on sales calls.

This way, if you notice you are starting to struggle with your sales calls again, you can go back and listen to a recording or two that had you knocking it out of the park, and I’m willing to bet you will quickly hear what you’re doing wrong now and will be able to fix it ASAP.

Sometimes for whatever reason, we stop doing what worked and don’t even realize it. Having a recording of a perfect or near-perfect sales call that we made in the past that we can refer back to from time to time can be a precious asset for a salesperson.

Michael Pedone
SalesBuzz.com – Because Salespeople Don’t Want to Be Trained, They Want to Be BETTER!