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Overcome Fear of Sales Rejection

“How do I overcome my fear of rejection? I’m tired of picking up the phone, just to have gatekeepers be rude to me or prospects telling me “no”. Maybe I’m just not cut out for sales?”

Fear of rejection is something that almost all inside sales reps go through. I know I did.

So here’s the good news: It’s curable.

Before you start contemplating if you should make a career switch, do this:

Record Your Sales Calls

Fear of rejection happens after being rejected often. Sales rejection happens on a repeated basis because of what we are saying to prospects and how we are saying it.

All too often what we think we say and how we think we said it can be different from what we actually said and how we said it. So if you are experiencing a high degree of sales call rejection, step one is to get a good number of your sales calls recorded so that you can have your sales manager pinpoint the mistakes you are making.

Yes, I said the mistakes YOU are making. When sales are done right, the number of wins offsets the number of losses to the point where the losses are just collateral damage. Meaning, you won’t mind the ones that said “NO” because your confidence will be high that you are using the right sales system and techniques and each win erases the sting of the “NO’s”.

Now, once you’ve identified – with the help of your sales manager or other top sales reps willing to help you at your company – and have been shown what to do differently, it’s time for the second piece of the solution, and that is to:


If you truly want to conquer your fear of rejection, you’ll need to role-play your new sales techniques every day until you’ve got it down.

Try role-playing anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes a day first thing in the morning (come in early to do it!!!) and do that for a whole week and see how your confidence starts to climb as you get fewer “NO”‘s and more Yes’ with each sales call.

Michael Pedone –

Michael Pedone is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com. An online sales training company that shows inside sales teams how to: avoid being rejected by gatekeepers, leave voicemail messages that get callbacks and overcome tough pricing objections. Get pricing here to have Michael teach your sales team his techniques!