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Prescription for Curing a Sales Slump

Sales Question:

“Nothing I try is working… why aren’t I closing more sales?”

Sales Answer:

Without actually hearing any recordings of your sales calls or conducting a “role-playing” session, here’s what I can offer that may help turn the tide back in your favor…

Stop Selling. Start Helping.

As a straight-commissioned sales rep for most of my adult working life (I just turned 41… do the math) I know first hand of what it can feel like when deals aren’t coming in and the pressure mounts.

Add a spouse, kids and a growing pile of bills to the mix and you have a recipe for despair. The only thing that could be worse is if your manager lost faith in you and started giving the “hot leads” to the new guy… ouch!

The best solution I’ve ever found to get out of this situation and to right the ship quickly is to take the focus off of what you want – including the reasons why you want them (you know… things like paying the mortgage, car payments, unexpected pediatric bills etc) and re-commit yourself to helping prospects get what they want.

And when doing so, if there isn’t a good fit at the time, rather than try and force a square peg into a round hole, simply go on to the next sales call, looking to see if you can help the next prospect get what they wanted.

Before you know it, the pipeline will fill up with real opportunities (it’s a lot easier to make outbound sales calls when you don’t have all that “self-imposed” pressure to “close a deal”) and sales will start to come back.

Note: Naturally, having the proper focus doesn’t negate the effective caused by poor phone skills or bad sales techniques… Continue to “sharpen” your sales saw while keeping your intentions in the right place and sales slumps will become a thing of the past for you.


Michael Pedone 
Chief Sales Scientist
(888) 264-0562 Ext. 1