VOICEMAIL SECRETS: How to get more prospects to call you back today!

Not sure what to say when leaving a sales voicemail?

Does your current voicemail sales script fail to get prospects to return your calls? Learn how to increase cold call voicemail callbacks and advance the sales call to the next phase of the selling cycle in this 20 minute on-demand voicemail strategies webinar from SalesBuzz.com’s CEO, Michael Pedone.

This free voicemail sales strategies webinar will cover:

  • Why voicemails fail and how to fix it
  • Voicemail sales scripts that work in the real world
  • How to use email to get your voicemail heard


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Testimonials: OVER 4,000 HAPPY CLIENTS

Jeffrey Gitomer
Michael Pedone is one of the few sales trainers that actually knows what he’s talking about. Take his course. It’s money in the bank.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Sales Author: Little Red Book of Selling
Russel Durrant
Michael’s program is a perfect solution for any sales organization that primarily sells over phone. We began seeing immediate results after week one and it has created a unification of understanding across my sales team. Even my most experienced sales reps (25 years+) said that they learned something new and useful. Top qualities: Great Results,…

Russell Durrant

Vice President of Sales - Prophix Software
For anybody who wants to improve their sales, go to SalesBuzz.com!

Gerhard Gschwandtner

Founder and CEO of Selling Power Magazine
Vince Miceli
This is by far the best cold calling course I have ever taken. My reps love it and live by its teachings. I like that it is online and has a workbook for reps to follow along! Michael is very engaging and helped my team overcome their fear of the phone.

Vince Miceli

Director of Sales
Cathy Warner
Prior to SalesBuzz training, everyone was doing their own thing. The leads were spotty and of low quality. There was a good deal of call reluctance due to the fact that there was no set process which resulted in low confidence. The thing I liked best about the course is the live training with Michael.…

Cathy Warner

Sales Development Manager - Print-O-Stat, Inc
Alicia Lawrence
I took your course 3 years ago when I started CareerCast as a Sales Representative. I’ve always been outside sales and never knew how different inside sales could be. The knowledge I received through this course helped me to increase sales and become the top sales person literally every month. I am now the Sales…

Alicia Lawrence

Inside Sales Rep
Justin Anderson
As a “graduate” of Michael’s workshops, I can tell you it’s one of the best things you can do for your career.  I’ve increased my sales by over 30% and added $20K to my income since taking his workshop.  Not just for true inside sales reps either.  If you have to “sell” booking appointments, are…

Justin Anderson

Vice President of Regional Business Development

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