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How to Deal with Year-End Sales Quota Pressure

“I’m under a lot of pressure to hit my numbers by year-end, but I’m noticing that the more I try, the more my prospects are pulling back. Any advice?”
SalesBuzz Answer:
Well, the ultimate solution (Plan A) to this problem is to hit your year-end sales numbers a month early, but that obviously isn’t an option at this point, so let’s go to Plan B.
(However, before we discuss Plan B, in just a few short weeks you are going to be starting all over again for the new year. So don’t forget Plan A. Instead of taking your annual sales quota and dividing it by 12 for your monthly numbers, divide it by 11)


OK so it’s a few weeks out till the end of the year, and so far, you are coming up a little short. Your sales manager (or boss) is pressuring you to make sure you hit your sales numbers. You may even be concerned about what the consequences might be if you don’t. That, plus all of the outside-added financial pressure that hits most families this time of year for gifts, etc. isn’t helping your state of mind. I’ve been there, more than once. And here’s what I’ve found to be the most helpful at pulling me through…
With the understanding that I need to close business now, not later, I make every sales call as if I’m trying to line up next month / next quarter deals.
That’s right. Even though I’m under the gun so to speak, and I need sales now, not only to ease the pressure from work but also to ease the financial pressures of the season, I make my sales calls as if I’m focused on lining up business for the month or quarter after.
Do you want to know what happens? Since I am taking the “close sales now” pressure off of myself, I’m more relaxed. And when I’m more relaxed, I sound more relaxed. And that makes my prospects more relaxed. And when that happens, more meaningful conversations happen. And in sales, the more meaningful conversations that happen, the more sales opportunities present themselves.


Now I’m not sure how you got into this mess of being behind the 8-ball with your sales numbers but usually, it boils down to one of two things:
  • SKILL and
My money is going to be on OUTPUT because even less skilled sales reps can (at times) still hit their numbers when their output level is high.
So make sure you amp up your output (increase the number of dials you are making per day) as well as keep a positive attitude. And ENJOY THE CHALLENGE! There’s a reason why winning at the buzzer or making a miraculous comeback is so exhilarating… Don’t sweat that the odds are against you. Use that to your advantage. Be the long shot that hits the mark. Have faith. Go all out and leave nothing left in the tank. What you never want is to come up short and admit that you still had a little left to give.