Testimonials: OVER 4,000 HAPPY CLIENTS

Most of my telephone sales reps are young and lacked meaningful experience in telemarketing. This sales training course filled in 8-WEEKS much of what they would have learned if they had years of experience. The course has paid off already and, it appears, will continue to do so in the future. Having access to the material after the presentation has proven to be very valuable as the recording can be stopped and discussed in detail. I recommend this course to any company that is serious about being successful in selling by phone.

Paul Dufour

Michael, That simple 2 sentence email has improved my return calls by leaps and bounds. Over 1/3 of my sales this month have referred to the email they received. Thank You!!

Shane Smitley

Justin Anderson

As a “graduate” of Michael’s workshops, I can tell you it’s one of the best things you can do for your career.  I’ve increased my sales by over 30% and added $20K to my income since taking his workshop.  Not just for true inside sales reps either.  If you have to “sell” booking appointments, are an entrepreneur or do any business over the phone, the workshops are great.

Justin Anderson

Vice President of Regional Business Development
Mike Taylor

Michael Pedone is one of the most wicked smart salespeople on the planet!

Mike Taylor

Chris Corcoran

Michael, I wanted to let you know how you’ve help us move the needle. Our effectiveness is skyrocketing. We’re booking 25% more meetings with fewer no shows.


Patrick Purvis

I HIGHLY recommend you subscribe to SalesBuzz.com immediately. Every week he hits on really hot button topics and tactical challenges my reps are running into and we end up doing role plays with his suggested strategies.  I read a lot of content on sales effectiveness and Michael Pedone / SalesBuzz is the single most useful, and provides the most real world applications, of anything I’ve found so far.

Patrick Purvis

Vince Miceli

This is by far the best cold calling course I have ever taken. My reps love it and live by its teachings. I like that it is online and has a workbook for reps to follow along! Michael is very engaging and helped my team overcome their fear of the phone.

Vince Miceli

Director of Sales

Well, we absolutely loved it. And it seemed the topics came up at the right time.

Prior to signing on with SalesBuzz, our biggest frustrations were getting our sales people to make phone calls – lots of our business in the past came through bids and rfq’s. Industry has changed, and our habits needed to change.

We loved the direct, specific sales tips. Michael really knows his stuff. Many of his examples pointed right at behaviors we had taken on, and then he told us out to FIX them! Refreshing!

The rest of our sales team has never worked straight commission sales, but I have. They thought I was nuts when I set my WEEKLY “dials” goal above 100. Now they’re starting to bust it.

Another awesome tip came just in today’s session and both Heidi and Linda said it in our group meeting this morning when we asked for obstacles:

“I haven’t been getting my call list ready the day before. I have been wasting a lot of time trying to decide who to call.”

Big impact in getting this team turned around into high volume outbound calls.

Thank you so very much!! Worth every penny and then some.

Darlene Blackstone

Alicia Lawrence

I took your course 3 years ago when I started CareerCast as a Sales Representative. I’ve always been outside sales and never knew how different inside sales could be. The knowledge I received through this course helped me to increase sales and become the top sales person literally every month. I am now the Sales Manager! This is why I want to incorporate your training for my team to be just as successful.

Alicia Lawrence

Inside Sales Rep

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