To Script or Not To Script… That is the Sales Question


“Do you script out your conversation before calling? Would you recommend this and if yes, then how closely do you think people should stick to the script?”

SALES ANSWER by Michael Pedone

You can’t “script out” a conversation before making a call. A conversation requires two parties. But I think what you are asking is should a sales script be used.

Traditional sales scripts are usually loaded with faulty sales tactics such as the “yes pattern”, which not only turns prospects off, it turns the salespersons brain off. It also encourages the salesperson to have an insincere or unnatural tone of voice. In short, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Now, before all the anti-sales script advocates start running around the office yelling “I TOLD YOU SO”, understand this: simply picking up the phone and being a “CAPTAIN WING-IT” isn’t a better solution either.

  1. Should you read a sales script from start to finish? No.
  2. Should you know exactly what to say before making a call should the gatekeeper answer the phone? Yes.
  3. Should you know exactly what to say (before picking up the phone) if you get the prospects voicemail? Yes.
  4. Should you already know exactly which sales questions, and in which order, you are going to ask (before picking up the phone) when you get the prospect on the phone? Yes.

The right sales process (what to say and what sales questions to ask, when to ask them, how to ask them, why to ask them etc.) will all but eliminate call reluctance because the correct sales process will pique the prospects interest right from the beginning of even the coldest of cold calls and will have them willing (even wanting) to be asked questions that will determine if both parties should continue to discuss the issue further.

If you aren’t experiencing that now with your sales calls, it means your sales process is the problem.

“then how closely do you think people should stick to the script?”

It’s not a “sales script” one should stick to but rather a sales process they should follow.

Just like you can’t go from 1st base to 3rd base in baseball, you can’t skip steps within the sales process and expect to hit your numbers consistently.

The right sales process covers all bases and allows you to have an actual conversation with the prospect. One that the prospect doesn’t mind having and one that if and when the prospect asks an unexpected question or two, the salesperson will be able to address it and then get back on track covering all the bases.

And when you cover all the bases, you score more runs (sales)

– Michael Pedone

pedone_micheal_dr002Michael Pedone is a straight commissioned sales person with 20+ years experience selling by phone. He is the CEO/FOUNDER of – an online sales training company that shows inside sales teams how to eliminate call reluctance and close more sales.