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What Is The Best Sales Closing Method?

“What Is The Best Method of Closing?”

The BEST method for closing sales starts way before you ever reach the closing stage of the sales cycle.

I look at sales as a quadrant or a four-part cycle…

  • Openers
  • Qualifying
  • Presentation
  • Closing

You have to go through each step in a proper sequence, asking the right sales questions, at the right time (and there are lots of little steps within each phase that need to be covered) and as you progress, the “close” ends up being a natural conclusion no matter if it’s all done on one call or over multiple sales calls.

Now, based on comments I’ve received to my answer above (the question was originally asked on a LinkedIn Discussion Group I am part of) some feel that having a “process” means the salesperson has an “agenda” and according to a few, they feel that agendas from salespeople “prevent an open conversation and inhibits active listening on the part of the salesperson”… I DISAGREE.

Here’s Why:

Having an “agenda” isn’t the problem. Having the WRONG agenda is.

I’ve seen salespeople with the agenda that on a first-time call, they want to CLOSE the prospect and so they come on strong with their probing questions and tight control. This usually ends in disaster.

I’ve also seen where the salesperson’s “agenda” was to “make friends” or “just introduce” themselves and not be too pushy, all in an attempt to avoid being REJECTED. These salespeople rarely end up hitting quota.

Both of those agendas are off base IMHO because they generate less than optimal results. The “right” agenda or “objective” will allow you to have a conversation that uncovers if the prospect is truly qualified, which for a first-time call should be the objective (no sense setting an appointment or do a presentation to an unqualified prospect – unless you like wasting time on target practice during selling hours)

But simply telling a salesperson to ask “better qualifying questions” isn’t good enough unless the salesperson understands the reason behind asking specific questions as well as when to ask them.

Think Like An Attorney, Close More Sales

When a salesperson starts to think more like an attorney, their sales will increase. Let me ask you this… Would you want your defense attorney during a trial to ask random questions to those who are accusing you or would you prefer he/she ask specific questions, in a specific sequence, in order to prove your innocence?

“Sales” is no different. So if you want a better closing method, you’ll get better results when you improve what you do before the close than you will trying to overcome the stalls (objections) your current sales process created.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone is the founder of SalesBuzz.com – An online sales training company that teaches Phone Sales Tips, Techniques & Strategies that Increase Revenue. Instructor-led & On-demand Sales Training Programs.