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A Billionaire’s Mind-set Re: Sales Quota

Do you have the right MINDSET for Sales? I was watching the show BILLIONS (Showtime / cable) last night when something during the episode got me so fired up – I COULD. NOT. WAIT. to hit the phones Monday morning. The show is loosely based on a real world prosecutor going after a hedge fund […]

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How to Sound More Natural on the Phone in 3 Easy Steps

“What can I do to get my sales reps to sound more natural on the phone when making sales calls? This is a problem all sales reps at one time or another have had to conquer. Here are three things I did to get my sales calls to sound more conversational: 1) Know the Road […]

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New Month, New Quota, Same Old Results

“We seem to be in a rut and are consistently missing our monthly sales numbers by more than 30%. I have a great team – but they are struggling – how do we turn this around?” I would suggest you start by looking at these three (3) areas first: 1) Your ICP – Ideal Customer […]

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