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How to Make Morning Sales Meetings Effective

“I manage a team of work-at-home sales reps where I don’t have the ability to listen in on their calls. While I do attempt to coach as much as possible, the coaching is mainly based on the data that the rep puts into our CRM. Do you have recommendations for coaching inside sales reps when […]

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A Billionaire’s Mind-set Re: Sales Quota

Do you have the right MINDSET for Sales? I was watching the show BILLIONS (Showtime / cable) last night when something during the episode got me so fired up – I COULD. NOT. WAIT. to hit the phones Monday morning. The show is loosely based on a real world prosecutor going after a hedge fund […]

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How to Sound More Natural on the Phone in 3 Easy Steps

“What can I do to get my sales reps to sound more natural on the phone when making sales calls? This is a problem all sales reps at one time or another have had to conquer. Here are three things I did to get my sales calls to sound more conversational: 1) Know the Road […]

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New Month, New Quota, Same Old Results

“We seem to be in a rut and are consistently missing our monthly sales numbers by more than 30%. I have a great team – but they are struggling – how do we turn this around?” I would suggest you start by looking at these three (3) areas first: 1) Your ICP – Ideal Customer […]

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