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Prospecting In Sales. Which Method is Best?

Prospecting In Sales. Which Method is Best? When it comes to prospecting in sales, the SalesBuzz P3 Method is my preferred method… PIQUE Interest, Gain Permission, Establish Problem Recognition. If you pique their interest to the point where they literally give you Permission to ask them some questions, and those questions uncover a problem – […]


Prospecting In Sales Method

Get Prospect Phone Numbers WITHOUT Paying A Dime (WEBINAR)

The remote economy has changed the outbound sales game. Nowadays, with prospects working away from home, dials to their previous office landline go unanswered more often. But I’m about to show you how to track down prospects’ phone numbers FOR FREE! No paid tools, just a nifty system I’ve developed and leveraged over the past […]


Which Cold Call Cadence Works Best?

  – Michael Pedone Michael Pedone is the CEO & Creator of SalesBuzz.com’s How to Sell with Confidence Online Sales Training Course


How to Hit Your Inside Sales Goals During Layoffs

How to Hit Your Inside Sales Goals During Layoffs

How to Hit Your Inside Sales Goals During Layoffs Your sales staff may be shrinking, but your sales goals and quotas are still expected to be met. Here are three steps you can take today to identify which areas and activities need the most attention and will have the most significant impact. Inside Sales Goals […]


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Master Cold Calling

Master Cold Calling with Michael Pedone Sell or Die with Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gitomer Master Cold Calling with Michael Pedone Jun 28, 2022 Michael Pedone is the founder of salesbuzz.com and is a master at cold calling and the art of closing sales by phone.  He is a dad to two amazing daughters and […]


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How to Research a Prospect in 2-Minutes or Less

LinkedIn Sales Navigator How much time should B2B BDRs spend researching a prospect before picking up the phone? According to a LinkedIn poll, 43% feel they need to spend 20-minutes or more researching a prospect before picking up the phone. No wonder 82% of outbound sales are missing quota. In this short video, Michael Pedone […]


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Sales Objections Webinar w/Michael Pedone

 Sales Objections Sales objections typically happen in two places: at the beginning of a sales call (no thanks, not interested, we’re all set, we already have someone) and at the close (no need, costs too much, no budget, I need to check with my partner, no time) Two Types of Sales Objections There are […]



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