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The “No News” Follow Up Sales Call

The “No News” Follow-Up Sales Call “What do you do when you are following up with a prospect and they have nothing new to report and say they will call you when something changes?” The short answer is: MOVE ON TO THE NEXT CALL. Salespeople need to be careful not to overanalyze every call or […]


Follow Up Sales Call
inside sales blueprint

The Inside Sales Blueprint for Success

The Inside Sales Blueprint for Success In my opinion, there are no “secrets” to selling. Essentially, there are two types of inside sales strategies and techniques: good and bad. Your LinkedIn feed is full of opinions on which sales techniques work best. The knowledge I’ve gained as a straight-commission inside sales rep over the past […]


How to Open a Cold Call – Live Call Critique

How to Open a Cold Call Hey everybody, this is Michael Pedone with salesbuzz.com, and I came across this YouTube video where the sales rep is making a cold call, and then she’s critiqued by her coach. And so I’m going to let you listen to what she says, what he says. Then, I will […]


How Do You Qualify a Lead?

Is a Qualified Lead the Same as a Qualified Prospect?

Is a Qualified Lead the Same as a Qualified Prospect? Assuming a qualified lead is the same as a qualified prospect is one of the many aspects that cause sales reps to have a sales pipeline fail to reach its projected forecast. In this blog post, I will quickly break down the difference between a […]


Closing the Sale: How to Move Deals Forward

New Closing the Sale Techniques: How to Move Deals Forward

Closing the Sale How to Move Deals Forward & Close the Sale Full-cycle and Account Executive sales roles have one thing in common: They need to move deals forward and close the sale. A recent poll on LinkedIn showed 71% said “moving the deal through the pipeline and closing the sale” is their biggest challenge. […]


Cold Call Voicemail Scripts

Cold Call Voicemail Scripts – What to Say If They Didn’t Call You Back

Cold Call Voicemail Scripts: Message #2 What to say if they didn’t call you back “I took your voicemail strategies webinar, and it helped increase my callbacks, but what should I do with the leads that don’t call me back after I leave a voicemail? Should I try them again? And if so, what do […]



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