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Negotiation Skills Training: The “Better Price” Ask

How should you respond to the scenario presented below? “My manager said a 10% discount is not enough. He says compared to other options, a more acceptable discount would be 20%. Can you match this discount?” Negotiation Skills Training: The “Better Price” Ask Negotiation is the fun part of selling. It usually means you’re approaching […]



Dealing with Stuck Deals

“What can I do to push the sale through the final stage? I feel like some of my deals are in limbo.” First, let’s start with letting you know that having some deals you are working on seem to be in “limbo” is expected. If you’re a successful sales professional, you will have a mixture […]



How to Move Deals Forward & Close the Sale

How to Move Deals Forward & Close the Sale Full-cycle and Account Executive sales roles have one thing in common: They need to move deals forward and close the sale. A recent poll on LinkedIn showed 71% said “moving the deal through the pipeline and closing the sale” is their biggest challenge. Here’s how to […]



Asking the Right B2B Sales Questions the Wrong Way

Asking B2B Sales Questions Over the Phone? Here’s How to Avoid Scaring Prospects Away Knowing what to say and when to say it isn’t enough for selling by phone. The real home run hitters have a very fluid tone to their conversations that put prospects at ease. Their prospects can “feel” the sincerity over the […]


Setting Individual Sales Goals

Setting Individual Sales Goals

“What Should My Individual Sales Goals Be?” Great question. It tells me that you are a self-motivated individual who wants to have a say in your fate. You are already a step ahead of the herd. ARE WE TALKING “Activity” or “Results” SALES GOALS? “Activity” sales goals are what you do daily, weekly, monthly to […]



How to Handle Holiday Sales Objections Over the Phone

How to Handle Holiday Sales Objections Over the Phone “I’m starting to get the “CALL ME BACK AFTER THE HOLIDAYS” Stall. What should I do? Are these legitimate requests?” OK, let’s start by me asking you a question or two… Question 1: Have you ever called a prospect back after the holidays? I’m going to […]



Your Fear of Cold Call Rejection & What to Do About It!

“How Do I Overcome My Fear of Rejection When Cold Calling?” Learn how to get more prospects to “raise their hand” first (warm calls) or… Stop using a selling process that keeps getting you checkmated on the opening move. WORK IT BACKWARDS To overcome something you need to know the root cause. Fear of cold […]



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