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How To Overcome Call Reluctance

How do you overcome call reluctance? In every outbound salesperson career, there comes a point when the phone feels like a 25lbs weight, and you don’t want to pick it up anymore. It happens when the rejection passes the individual’s threshold of acceptance. And the problem is, if you’re an outbound sales rep or you […]


Use Objective-based Selling for Explosive Sales Growth

Objective-based Selling Objective-based selling is a predefined set of sales steps used by top sales professionals to help improve their ability to sell confidently and close a higher % of deals, entitling them to earn more money throughout their career in sales. Objective-based selling by SalesBuzz breaks the entire sales process down into micro-steps. These […]


Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance

Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance Just admit it. You’re afraid to pick up the phone. You’re afraid to pick up the phone because you don’t like the rejection you get after you say, “Hello, my name is…” Well, that isn’t your real problem because you can solve that issue by fixing what you say (and you […]


LinkedIn Sales Prospecting Hack 101 – The Connection Request

LinkedIn Sales Prospecting Hack 101 – The Connection Request The two biggest LinkedIn sales prospecting mistakes I see sales reps make when sending a connection request to a prospect on LinkedIn are: 1) False Sincerity (is that an oxymoron? I digress) Starting with a compliment like: “I noticed that you have a stunning…” “I discovered […]


Lost Deal: How to Avoid Being Shopped

How to Avoid Being Shopped

I Want to Shop Around “I have great conversations with my prospects only to discover I’m being shopped. We aren’t the cheapest solution, so how do I avoid losing these deals?” The surest way to stop prospects from shopping around is to close them on the first call; however, that isn’t always an option for […]


best way to start a cold call

Best Way to Start a Cold Call

Best Way to Start a Cold Call If you want to learn the best way to start a cold call so you’ll get fewer rejections and increase your sales pipeline, I’m about to show you the winning formula on how to start a cold call, and then I’ll give you three cold call script examples […]


How do you write a sales call script?

How to Write Sales Scripts That Work

How to Write a Sales Script Sales Call Scripts Not Working? Most sales call scripts create more problems than they solve. The two most common reasons for that are 1) The script is not written with the proper steps in place, and 2) no one ever taught the sales reps what each step of the […]



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