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The “I’m in a meeting” Blow-off Sales Call

“How should you respond when the prospect responds to your sales call introduction with “I’m in a meeting”?” Watch this video to find out! The “I’m in a meeting” Blow-off Sales Call Original Audio: https://www.salesbuzz.com/how-to-handle-the-im-in-a-meeting-sales-call-blow-off/  Transcription: MJP: Hey everybody. It’s Michael Pedone here with SalesBuzz.com, and today I want to talk about when you’re making […]


Sales Scripts for Cold Calling

Are Sales Scripts Really Needed for Cold Calling?

Sales Scripts for Cold Calling Are Sales Scripts for Cold Calling Really Needed? Watch this video interview with Michael Pedone and find out.  Sales Scripts for Cold Calling by Michael Pedone Gabe Larsen: Now, a couple questions coming in. Well, we’ll get to this in a minute but quick thoughts on the scripts – […]



To Script or Not To Script. That is the Sales Question

Sales Scripts for Cold Calling: “Should you script out your conversation before calling? Would you recommend this, and if yes, then how closely do you think people should stick to the script?” Traditional sales scripts are usually loaded with faulty sales tactics such as the “yes pattern,” which not only turns prospects off, it turns […]



Cold Calling: How to Handle the “Just Send Me Email” Response

The “Just Send Me Email” Response   “Just Send Me Email” is a common phrase for salespeople to hear when cold calling. Michael Pedone shows you exactly how to respond with confidence. COLD CALLING ADVICE: THE “JUST SEND ME AN EMAIL” RESPONSE MP: Hey everybody, it’s Michael Pedone with SalesBuzz.com, and today I want to […]



Qualifying Prospects Over the Phone? How and When to Bail

Qualifying Prospects Over Phone? There are going to be times when you the salesperson need to end the call and move on. So how do you bail on a sales call and still keep the possibility of a future deal, alive? And how will you know if you should bail, or push on? This sales […]



The Red/Yellow/Green Light Sales Script Formula

Sales Scripts Not Working? Most sales scripts create more problems than they solve. The two most common reasons for that are 1) The script is not written with the proper steps in place, and 2) no one ever taught the sales reps what each step of the sales process is or what to do if […]



What Sales Questions Should Be Asked On the Phone

What Sales Questions Should Be Asked On the Phone I once witnessed high school students compete in a mock trial competition, battling it out in a courtroom with actual judges, with each team having to take turns being the prosecution and the defense. During one of the mock trials, a student in the “prosecution role” […]



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