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How to Get Prospects That Go Silent Re-engaged With a Voicemail

How to Get Prospects That Go Silent Re-engaged With a Voicemail “How do you get prospects that go silent to re-engage with you?” I’ve found that using a little humor will go a long way into getting your “missing in action” prospect to call you back. The key is to have your follow-up calls stand […]


When Prospects Go Silent, Try this to get a response...

Gatekeeper Sales Objections

Gatekeeper Sales Objections What would a good rebuttal be to use on a gatekeeper when she says; “He doesn’t take these types of calls.” One of the biggest anchors salespeople carry around with them is the notion that they need to look for “rebuttals” to situations instead of avoiding a problem from happening. Isn’t that […]



Voicemail Message #2 – What to Say If They Didn’t Call You Back

“I took your voicemail strategies webinar, and it helped increase my callbacks, but what should I do with the leads that don’t call me back after I leave a voicemail? Should I try them again? And if so, what do I say if I get voicemail a second time?” The Breakdown Start with breaking down […]



When a Prospect Says “We’ll get back to you”

“Assuming a sales rep did everything upfront correctly on a sales call, how would you handle a prospect that says: “we’ll get back to you” when trying to schedule a follow-up call?” When a prospect says, “We’ll get back to you” after you try and schedule a follow-up at the end of a sales call, […]



Cold Calling Old Leads? Be prepared for this…

“I make cold calls to leads in our database. Many of these leads have been called in the past by other sales reps. The challenge I have is as soon as they hear my company name, they say: I get calls from you guys all the time. I’m not interested unless it’s cheaper than what […]



To Script or Not To Script. That is the Sales Question

“Should you script out your conversation before calling? Would you recommend this, and if yes, then how closely do you think people should stick to the script?” Traditional sales scripts are usually loaded with faulty sales tactics such as the “yes pattern,” which not only turns prospects off, it turns the salesperson’s brain off. That’s […]



Social Selling Isn’t Working For Me. Why?

“I’ve tried social selling to make sales, but I’m getting worse results than cold calling… What am I doing wrong?” Well, for starters, when you say, “social selling isn’t working” for you, how do you mean, exactly? What were you hoping “social selling” would do for you? What I find most inside sales reps doing […]



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