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Fix Your Sales Script to Grow Revenue

Do you feel that your current sales script is creating more problems than it solves? If your sales team hears “No, Thanks,” “Not Interested,” “We’re All Set!”, “No Budget” etc., your sales script is to blame. “Sales” is all about communicating. The formula to have better sales conversations and eliminate call reluctance is to teach […]

When is the Best Time to Cold Call?

When is the Best Time to Cold Call? “When is the best time to cold call? I have had so many opinions and discussions with others suggesting the best times to cold call, however, these do seem to regularly contradict each other. Please let me know your thoughts?” If you want to be successful selling […]

Losing Deals to Cheaper Competitors?

3-Steps to Win RFP’s When Competing with a Low-Cost Provider “How do you win RFP’s while competing Vs. a low-cost provider?” Step 1) Uncover what problems they are wanting to solve (and why they want them solved) and make sure what you offer is a good fit. Your job as a salesperson isn’t to “close” […]

How to Get Out of a Sales Slump

“I’m in a sales slump and in serious jeopardy of falling too far behind to hit my annual sales quota. What should I do?”  Falling into a sales slump is a problem all salespeople have to deal with at some point in their career. And if you’re a straight commissioned, or heavily commissioned (low […]

It’s Harder Than Ever to Make Cold Calls?

This 3-Minute YouTube Video May Change Your Mind!  Do you believe it’s harder today to cold call? If you believe cold calling is harder today, compared to 5, 10, 15, and 20 years ago, we need to talk. Today’s sales professionals can quickly build pre-qualified prospecting lists in minutes. Yesterday’s sales professionals had to […]

The “We’re still evaluating” Follow-up Sales Email Response

Follow-up Email Response So you had an excellent qualify call and sales presentation, and everything pointed to them signing up, and they needed to discuss a few things internally but said they would be back to you in a few days – and they honestly sounded like they meant it. And for this scenario, let’s […]

Sales Email Best Practices

Three Reasons Your Sales Email Fails to Get Appointments Sales email has become the preferred method of outbound prospecting by most SDR’s for a while now, and I understand the appeal. You can reach out to more prospects in less time without feeling the sting of rejection when a prospect says, “No, thanks,” “Not interested,” […]

End of Month Sales Quota Pressure

End of Month Sales Quota Pressure – How to Deal When Deals Are Short “I’m struggling to hit my sales quota, and the month ends in a few days… What can I do?” OK, so here’s the problem: You’re stressed. Bills are piling up, and the month is closing in on you fast. Deals you […]

How to Generate Sales Leads

“What if it’s hard to get past the name of my company? I have a strong value prop, but as soon as I say my company name, they cut me off with “Not interested”. I don’t even get a chance to get my opening statement OUT before getting shut down. Any advice?” I can only […]

How to Answer “Is That Your Best Price?”

“Is That Your Best Price?” “I received a call back from my prospect (whom is the info gatherer) regarding a proposal we’ve been working on. She said her boss (read: decision maker) was interested in setting up a meeting with me to discuss the project further, and then she asked me if what I sent […]