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Inside Sales Strategies – With Michael Pedone

Inside Sales Strategies – With Michael Pedone Succeed Through Speaking Listen on Apple Podcasts Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Michael Pedone. Michael Pedone invented’s online sales training course for B2B teams that want to overcome call reluctance and achieve higher success selling by phone. He has 25+ years of experience as […]

How to Open a Sales Call

What’s the Best Way to Open a Sales Call? Michael Pedone, founder of shows you how to open a sales call. – Michael Pedone Michael Pedone is the founder of – a turnkey on-demand skills-building program for inside sales teams. Try a free class today.

New Closing the Sale Techniques: How to Move Deals Forward

Closing the Sale How to Move Deals Forward & Close the Sale Full-cycle and Account Executive sales roles have one thing in common: They need to move deals forward and close the sale. A recent poll on LinkedIn showed 71% said “moving the deal through the pipeline and closing the sale” is their biggest challenge. […]

What to Do When a Prospect Says NO THANKS!

Best Sales Rebuttals for Not Interested “What Do I Say When the Prospect Rejects My Opening Value Statement? I have a new opener that works very well for me, but occasionally a prospect will say “No, Thanks” – What should I do?” EDITORS NOTE: An “opening value statement” or “opener” is what you say to […]

Calling Warm Leads

“We use a lead management system ( – now called XANT.AI) that allows us to callback warm leads within less than a minute of the prospect requesting information from our site. So why do I still need an “enticing” opening value statement script? They are already “warm” and are requesting more information… this isn’t a […]

Thinking About a 1 Day Sales Training Course?

Thinking About a 1 Day Sales Training Course? Think again. A 1-day sales training course sounds like a great idea when you need to re-energize and motivate your inside sales team to pick up the phones. But do the statistics agree? After taking a 1-day sales training course, salespeople seem to always fall back into […]

The “What’s Your Budget” Qualifying Question

“When should I ask, “What is your budget?” when qualifying a warm (Inbound) lead?” You want to know when you should ask “What’s Your Budget?” – Let me answer that question with a question. When you make an inquiry about a product or service you have an interest in, and the salesperson asks you, “What […]

3 Out Of 4 Sales Professionals Lack Fundamental Phone Skills

What do successful companies have that less successful companies don’t? A team with formal sales training. Three out of every four sales professionals lack the fundamental skills to be highly effective at their job – and at least a 1/4 don’t know they lack essential sales skills. Only 6% of salespeople are “Elites” and only […]

3-Steps to Get an ROI on Sales Training

3-Steps to Get an ROI on Sales Training You want to know the money you put into a sales training course will pay you back in better performance and that your team will show up, pay attention, and learn. Here are three (3) steps to ensure you get the highest possible ROI for your next […]

The “How Much Is It?” Question

How to Handle the Prospects “How Much Is It?” Sales Question “What should I do when a prospect asks the “HOW MUCH IS IT?” question? No matter how I answer, they never buy.” The “How Much Is It” question can be a dangerous one for salespeople to handle because there are different scenarios that this […]

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