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How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce’s to Make Better Cold Calls

 How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator In Salesforce Here’s why your B2B sales team should have the LinkedIn sales navigator for Salesforce: According to HubSpot: “Lead databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year.” When a salesperson cold calls a lead and hears “that person hasn’t worked here in two years”, their already difficult […]

Should You Ask “How Are You?” When Cold Calling?

Should you ask “How Are You?” when cold calling? This quick video may change your mind.  – Michael Pedone Michael Pedone teaches inside sales teams how to pick up the phone and close business. He is the CEO/FOUNDER of – An online sales training company.

Sales Call Talk Track

What Is a Sales Call Talk Track? A sales call talk track definition is: “A checklist designed to assist you during a call with a prospect. The purpose of the Talk Track is to ensure that you leave the sales call with all the critical information required to qualify the opportunity and move the sales […]

The Sales Follow Up Email

The Sales Follow Up Email Template What do you do when a warm lead goes cold, doesn’t answer the phone, won’t call you back, or respond to your sales follow-up emails? Here’s my sales follow-up email template for trying a different angle to move the needle and get a prospect that was once hot and […]

Sales Mindset: Motivation Tips for Selling by Phone

Sales Mindset Motivation Tips for Selling by Phone Having the right sales mindset and motivation to pick up the phone day in and day out is a massive challenge for most sales reps because the rejection level can be so high, it doesn’t take long for call reluctance to set in. And it’s tough to […]

How To Meet and Exceed Sales Goals: 5 Proven Action Steps

How To Meet and Exceed Sales Goals: 5 Action Steps Proven To Work “I want to know how to meet and exceed sales goals. Every year I set big sales goals for myself and always seem to fizzle out. What am I doing wrong?” How to meet and exceed sales goals has many moving parts, […]

How Do You Start a Cold Call?

How Do You Start a Cold Call? How do you start a cold call? Ask this question on any LinkedIn group, and you will get so many different answers you’ll regret you ever asked.  The misinformation regarding how to cold call is in abundance, and too many people with too little experience are willing to […]

Lead Prospecting: How to Identify Your Targeted Audience

Lead Prospecting “My inside sales team needs to do a better job at generating targeted leads but trying to get them to prospect is like pulling teeth. Any suggestions?” I remember like it was yesterday when I started working for a company that I was really excited about, and on day one, my new boss […]

How to Respond to a Sales Rejection Email

How to Respond to a Sales Rejection Email How would you respond to this sales rejection email? “Thank you for your email. We are not interested in pursuing your offer at this time. We will retain your contact information for future reference should there be a need.” Well first, I would need to see the […]

How to Handle the BDR Sales Hand-off

“We broke our inside sales team into two groups – BDRs who prospect and qualify leads and Sales Execs who present and close. The problem is with the hand-off from BDR to Sales Execs. How do you get the prospect re-focused and back in the game? Our process is to set up a call once […]