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This Cold Email Script Killed It

This Cold Email Script Killed It (And by “It” I mean a chance for a sale) I received a cold email that said: “Michael, are you interested in adding 6-Figures to your business?” This is such a TURN-OFF question. I hit the delete button immediately. The sad part is, this person may truly be able […]

The “Just email me something” Sales Objection

“How do you handle the “Just email me something” blow-off?” If you are hearing “just email me something” on a regular basis, your sales process is causing that to happen. Having a snarky response prepared means you aren’t fixing the real problem. The reason most salespeople get that response is that they: Get the prospect […]

10 Sales Scripts Facts You Need to Know Now

Hate Sales Scripts? Here’s the thing about outbound phone sales scripts: there’s no actual magic in it, but when it’s done right – when the sales script is so good it sounds as natural as a chat with your neighbor – that’s when the magic happens. Do you and your team know the difference between a […]

How to send a LinkedIn Invite that Gets Accepted, Not Rejected

LinkedIn Prospecting: How to send a LinkedIn Invite that Gets Accepted, Not Rejected I’m constantly getting bombarded with LinkedIn requests from salespeople who are clueless on how to properly grab my attention. This is a common problem as more and more sales reps try and use LinkedIn for prospecting. LinkedIn Prospecting Best Practices: Know Your […]

5 Steps to Make Cold Calling Easier

HOW TO COLD CALL The 5-Steps to Make Cold Calling Easier Transcript In this quick YouTube video, Michael Pedone explains 5-key elements to make cold calling easier so you can be more successful at doing it.  Michael Pedone: Hey everybody! It’s Michael Pedone with Today I want to answer a question that I […]

Sales Scripts for Cold Calling – Are They Really Needed?

Sales Scripts for Cold Calling Sales Scripts for Cold Calling by Michael Pedone Are they really needed? Watch the video and find out.  Sales Scripts for Cold Calling by Michael Pedone Gabe Larsen: Now, a couple questions coming in. Well, we’ll get to this in a minute but quick thoughts on the scripts – […]

Online Sales Training Platform: How to Choose

How to Choose a Platform for Online Sales Training These days, there are more reasons than ever to shift from in-person sales training to an online sales training model. If you have the time and inclination to do it yourself, you can choose from video conferencing platforms with a dizzying array of features and pricing. […]

How to be Better at Selling by Phone

“What are some of the things I can do differently in order to be better at selling by phone?” Here are three easy “to-do’s” inside sales tips that will have a huge impact on increasing your sales numbers: INSIDE SALES TIP #1: RECORD YOUR SALES CALLS “Whoa,” you say? If having your sales calls recorded […]

Which Sales Training Methods Get the Best ROI for SMB?

Is Sales Training ROI Possible for SMBs? Sales training is often viewed by SMB’s (small to mid-size business) companies as an expense. A short-term boost of motivation that quickly evaporates. It’s hard not to see that viewpoint. How many times have you watched a sales team go through a whole or half-day sales training program […]

Cold Calling: Why You Hate It And What to Do About It

“I hate cold calling. But I love to Sell. Am I doomed?” If you’re like me, it’s not so much the fact of “cold calling” that you hate, it’s the results (or lack of) that has you filled with despise. If 8 out of 10 cold calls resulted in a sale, I’m sure you would […]