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Top Business Development Managers Do This Every Week

Boosts Sales with This Simple Strategy Your sales team’s success is ultimately your success. And while there are many strategies and techniques out there for boosting sales, sometimes the answer lies in a simple but often overlooked practice: sales call analysis. By randomly listening to sales calls made by your team, you can gain valuable […]

The New Way to Learn How to Cold Call Without Fear of Rejection

Unleash Your Sales Potential Are you tired of the fear and hesitation associated with cold calling? Have you ever wished your sales calls could result in a productive conversation instead of rejection? We’re here to tell you this is possible and easily achievable with the proper training. is a ground-breaking online sales training platform […]

The Cold Hard Truth: Sales Scripts Are Better For Business

Cold Calling? Sales Scripts Are Better For Business When it comes to cold calling, having a well-crafted sales script could be the difference between closing a deal or getting hung up on. But is relying on a script really the best strategy for salespeople? In this blog post, we’ll dive into the pros and myths […]

How to Sell Over the Phone Step #2

How to Successfully Sell Over the Phone Step #2 Before you pick up the phone, you need to be prepared for one of three things that will happen every time you make a sales call, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a “first-time” sales call or a “follow-up” call. With every sales call, you know […]

How to Sell Over the Phone Step #1

How to Successfully Sell Over the Phone Step #1 Know your target audience. Most sales reps make the mistake of trying to sell to everyone. This will lead to burnout. You want to analyze your best clients and see what they all have in common. Start by looking at location, industry, annual revenue, and employee […]

How to Help New Phone Sales Reps Perform Better

How to Help New Phone Sales Reps Perform Better Do you have sales reps following the playbook but are still not producing like the rest of the team? I was recently asked: “What to do when a rep hits their KPIs, listens, and mimics top performers, AND is being COACHED but still doesn’t generate results; […]

Follow-up sales email template

Sending a follow-up sales email after no response sample Here is one of the most effective emails for getting silent prospects to respond after they have received the proposal and have gone quiet. I use this when we have passed the deadline of when the prospect and I agreed to get final approval or to […]

The Most Feared Sales Objection

“I WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT” The most feared sales objection is “I want to think about it.” When a prospect says “I want to think about it” at the close, what they are saying is: I’m not sold on the problem. I’m not sold on the solution. I’m not sold on the price. It […]

How To Overcome Call Reluctance

How do you overcome call reluctance? In every outbound salesperson career, there comes a point when the phone feels like a 25lbs weight, and you don’t want to pick it up anymore. It happens when the rejection passes the individual’s threshold of acceptance. And the problem is, if you’re an outbound sales rep or you […]

Use Objective-based Selling for Explosive Sales Growth

Objective-based Selling Objective-based selling is a predefined set of sales steps used by top sales professionals to help improve their ability to sell confidently and close a higher % of deals, entitling them to earn more money throughout their career in sales. Objective-based selling by SalesBuzz breaks the entire sales process down into micro-steps. These […]