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Call Me Back In 30-Days Blow-Off

How should I respond when a prospect says “Call Me Back In 30-Days” on a first-time call? The first thing we need to look at is your original opening value statement. If you hear this type of response daily, chances are what you are saying after “Hello, my name is…” is causing the problem. You […]

How to Avoid Having Your Deals Sabotaged by Non-decision Makers

“My contact (who is the decision-maker) said they decided to hold off for now – but the conversation before that was all positive… What happened?” Several things could have gone wrong; however, for today’s newsletter, I’d like to share with you one scenario that could be derailing your sales without you knowing it. It’s An […]

How Many Leads Should Sales Reps Work Per Month?

How Many Leads Should Sales Reps Work Per Month? Determining how many leads a sales rep should handle per month is a critical data point for growing revenue—the answer affects forecasts and hiring. Too many leads and not enough SDRs (sales development reps), and you’ve wasted valuable marketing dollars. Too many BDR’s (business development reps) […]

Is a Qualified Lead the Same as a Qualified Prospect?

Is a Qualified Lead the Same as a Qualified Prospect? Assuming a qualified lead is the same as a qualified prospect is one of the many aspects that cause sales reps to have a sales pipeline fail to reach its projected forecast. In this blog post, I will quickly break down the difference between a […]

How to Qualify Leads Before the Demo

I was on a “sales qualify call” with a prospect that perfectly matched my ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). They were in the right industry, had the right annual revenue, location, employee size and they had a major problem that I specialize in solving better than anyone else: They had a team of SDR’s (Sales Development […]

Unqualified Leads: Follow-Up or Forget?

“What Should I do With My Unqualified Leads? Should I continue to follow-up or just forget them?” Depends on your definition of unqualified. For me, a prospect needs to have three things in order to be qualified: A problem that I can help them solve; Power to make or at least influence a decision to […]

The “I’m Happy with Our Current Vendor” Sales Objection

The “I’m Happy with Our Current Vendor” Sales Objection If you or your sales team is struggling to put ink on the board and because they often hear the “I’m happy with our current vendor/supplier,” this blog post is for you. There are two spots you or your sales team will hear this common sales […]

The 30-Second Voicemail Rule

Are Short, Vague Voicemail Messages Recommend? “My decision-makers let everything go to voicemail. I posted my dilemma on a LinkedIn sales group asking for advice, and one person said I should call, give my number, leave my first name and say, “I have a question for you,” and then hang up. What are your thoughts […]

Negotiation Skills Training: The “Better Price” Ask

How should you respond to the scenario presented below? “My manager said a 10% discount is not enough. He says compared to other options, a more acceptable discount would be 20%. Can you match this discount?” Negotiation Skills Training: The “Better Price” Ask Negotiation is the fun part of selling. It usually means you’re approaching […]

Dealing with Stuck Deals

“What can I do to push the sale through the final stage? I feel like some of my deals are in limbo.” First, let’s start with letting you know that having some deals you are working on seem to be in “limbo” is expected. If you’re a successful sales professional, you will have a mixture […]