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The Dreaded “I want to think about it” Sales Objection

“I want to think about it” It’s never fun to hear a prospect say “I need to think about it” when you go for a close. So it’s understandable that salespeople seek advice on how to respond to this sales objection. A LinkedIn Sales Group had over 200 responses offering advice to someone that asked: […]

What is the Ideal Daily Talk Time for an Inside Sales Person?

“What is the ideal daily talk time for an inside salesperson?” I’ve answered this question before however, it was a while ago and since we have a lot of new subscribers, many of you may not have seen my previous reply, so here’s my response: Talk Time Metric For Sales Talk time is a great […]

Cold Calling: How to Create Your Opening Value Statement

 Michael Pedone, Founder of inside sales training company,, breaks down how to create a winning opening value statement when cold calling. The video includes an example of a common poorly written sales script opener and gives examples of how to create a winning opening value statement. – Michael Pedone Michael Pedone teaches inside […]

How to Upsell Over the Phone

“Our inside sales team is missing their add-on sales quota. I’ve tried everything from extra incentives to threats, but nothing is working. Any suggestions?” As in most things with sales, the problem isn’t for lack of wanting or trying, but in execution. I’m sure your team would want to earn those extra incentives and try […]

Prospecting Voicemail Messages

“How Often Should You Leave Voicemails for Prospects? Once a week, every 3 days, etc.?” This is a popular question I know I’ve answered before, but in case you missed it, I have a simple rule to follow concerning the number of voicemail messages I leave, and that is: I don’t chase prospects that don’t […]

The “We’re Already Working With Another Supplier” Objection

How Do You Handle the “We’re Already Working with Another Supplier” Objection”? First, let’s share some of the typical sales responses and advice on how to handle this objection. Caution: Using the following rebuttals will lower your commission checks: “I’m happy that you invest in our kind of services already. Does your current supplier bring […]

Sales Email Open Rates

Sales Email Open Rates Vs. Talk Time The most common theme I hear CMO’s, CRO’s, Business Development Directors and Sales VP’s discuss is their team’s sales email open rates. I believe their attention is in the wrong area, and it costs them, their team and their company, lots of lost revenue potential. The Sales Email […]

How to Improve Close Rates on Warm (Inbound) Leads

“We’ve seen an increase in inbound (warm) leads and the number of our presentations are up, but our closing ratios are not. Any advice?” There could be lots of reasons for this; however, when it comes to handling warm leads, one must be careful not to assume that the prospect is ready for a solution. […]

Michael Pedone’s SalesBuzz Cold Calling Secret

SellingPower Magazine’s Cold Calling Interview w/Michael Pedone Michael Pedone of SalesBuzz being interviewed by CEO of SellingPower Magazine’s Gerhard Gschwandtner. Watch as Gerhard puts Michael on the hot seat and asks him to do a mock cold call right then and there on video. Pay close attention to the questions being asked prior to setting up […]

It’s Harder Than Ever to Make Cold Calls?

This 3-Minute YouTube Video May Change Your Mind!  Do you believe it’s harder today to cold call? If you believe cold calling is harder today, compared to 5, 10, 15, and 20 years ago, we need to talk. Today’s sales professionals can quickly build pre-qualified prospecting lists in minutes. Yesterday’s sales professionals had to […]