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Michael Pedone, founder and CEO of SalesBuzz.com, is a name well known to many in the world of online business. He launched an internet marketing company during the dot com meltdown and defied the odds by turning it into a massively successful venture. A large factor in its success was Michael’s ability to teach his proven phone sales techniques to his ever-expanding staff, creating swift growth for the company.

He sold the firm at the peak of its profitability so he could turn his attention to a new challenge. Michael drew on his background as a commissioned sales person and a sales trainer when he created the programs that form the backbone of SalesBuzz.com.

Michael recognized a crucial weakness in most sales companies seminars: the initial glow of enthusiasm whipped up by charismatic speakers soon wears off leaving attendees several hundred or thousand dollars poorer and selling just as little as before. He wanted to offer sales professionals a more effective, affordable sales training mode.

The online sales training programs he designed for SalesBuzz.com harness the power of technology to help companies keep their training costs under control.

The students benefit from learning exciting new sales strategies they can start using immediately. And they learn conveniently, at home or office, without having to travel to a workshop in a far-away locale.


Gatekeeper Sales Objections

Gatekeeper Sales Objections What would a good rebuttal be to use on a gatekeeper when she says; “He doesn’t take these types of calls.” One of the biggest anchors salespeople carry around with them is the notion that they need to look for “rebuttals” to situations instead of avoiding a problem from happening. Isn’t that […]



Voicemail Message #2 – What to Say If They Didn’t Call You Back

“I took your voicemail strategies webinar, and it helped increase my callbacks, but what should I do with the leads that don’t call me back after I leave a voicemail? Should I try them again? And if so, what do I say if I get voicemail a second time?” The Breakdown Start with breaking down […]



When a Prospect Says “We’ll get back to you”

“Assuming a sales rep did everything upfront correctly on a sales call, how would you handle a prospect that says: “we’ll get back to you” when trying to schedule a follow-up call?” When a prospect says, “We’ll get back to you” after you try and schedule a follow-up at the end of a sales call, […]



“Michael Pedone is one of the few sales trainers that actually knows what he’s talking about. Take his course. It’s money in the bank.”

Jeffrey Gitomer
Sales Author, Little Red Book of Selling

“Michael’s program is a perfect solution for any sales organization that primarily sell over the phone.”

Russel Durrant
Vice President of Sales
Prophix Software

“This is by far the best cold calling course I have ever take. My reps love it and live by its teachings.”

Vince Miceli
Director of Sales

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