Testimonials: OVER 4,000 HAPPY CLIENTS

Chris Corcoran

Michael, I wanted to let you know how you’ve helped us move the needle. Our KPIs since starting your training is skyrocketing! 25% increase in setting appointments and a 30.4% increase in appointments to opportunities!


Jeffrey Gitomer

SalesBuzz teaches the tactical essentials of phone selling, sharing the gold nuggets that make the difference between a hang-up or a deal; I would definitely use them again!

Jason Broander - Sales Director

The SalesBuzz online course has been extremely helpful for developing new sales talent in our organization, as well as providing valuable reminders of best practices for seasoned salespeople.

I highly recommend the course to any company that has a sales unit that is struggling with getting call-backs, suffering from call-reluctance, or not meeting conversion rate KPIs, but are making plenty of outreach and burning through qualified leads.

Michael is an expert and the administrative team at SalesBuzz is extremely helpful!

Thanks! – Casey

Casey Hildreth - Director Of Business Development

Your sales training course was one of the most helpful classes that I have taken in sales. Authentic, professional and strategically planned out regarding how to be prepared when on the phones. I was grateful for the training. It encouraged me with what I am doing already, but it challenged me to get more prepared for the calls and to get the sales scripts ready and internalized for when making outbound calls, and I liked the humility with how the information was delivered. The time management workshop for scheduling your day was gold for me. I will be passing along your contact information to other companies that could use your help!

Alexandra Gibson

Josh Connon

When we signed up originally my team needed lots of help with scripting and qualifying – Michael did a great job of not only leading us on how to formulate our scripts and how to deliver but explaining the why and giving real-world examples and role-playing. I have a ton of notes from the 8-week course and I go back to them constantly. The course has a great deal of information and I would recommend it to any B2B inside sales team.

Josh Connon

Cathy Warner

Prior to SalesBuzz training, everyone was doing their own thing. The leads were spotty and of low quality. There was a good deal of call reluctance due to the fact that there was no set process which resulted in low confidence.

The thing I liked best about the course is the live training with Michael. With prerecorded training tapes, you can’t really be certain you are grasping the concepts and applying them properly. With the live training, you can ask Michael directly and get immediate feedback. He was also available via email too with questions. Having access to the training session recordings have been very valuable for my staff. They have gone back and re-listened to certain ones that refresh and recharges them.

I’ve seen increased confidence in the sales team since the training. They now have a playbook to follow which gives them that confidence. Through trial and error, they have come to learn that as long as they follow the process, they have success. If they are struggling, when we dig into why we usually discover it’s because they’ve strayed.

They have also embraced role-playing. We now start every morning with a role-playing session using actual situations they’ve encountered. This has allowed us to talk through how to handle it going forward as a team which has proven very valuable to their growth as salespeople.

Another benefit of the training has been the script. We developed a base script while going through the sales training. It has been easy for us to adapt that base script for use when calling for other divisions within the company.

Thank you to you and Michael for everything. This has been an extremely positive experience.

Cathy Warner

Sales Development Manager - Print-O-Stat, Inc
Ben Delmage

I wasn’t confident in what I was saying on the phone and kept getting “no’s”, so I constantly kept changing my script, and voicemails. I felt cold calling was dead. What I liked best about Michael Pedone’s SalesBuzz course is that it’s fun, engaging and easy to follow. The classes really give you a roadmap to make the person your calling at ease with you and start a conversation. I immediately started booking appointments once I started applying the sales script Michael taught. Its’ pretty crazy!

Ben Delmage

Michael – Wanted to say that I really enjoyed taking your 8-week sales training course. I appreciated all of the sales tips as well as you sharing your personal experiences.

I have integrated the call scripts, the schedule tips, and most importantly the accountability aspects of your training, into my daily routines.

Side note: I decided to sign up for your course after meeting Peyton Manning in October and listening to his story about paying thousands of dollars every two years while he was playing to attend a QB camp. He would meet with his former high school coach one-on-one and go over the basics of running a huddle, lining up, taking a snap, handing off, going through pass progressions, etc.

I figured if a future Hall of Fame QB could takes the time over his offseason to review the absolute basics, a 25-year sales veteran should do the same! (and it is already paying off)

Edward Marotta

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