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For Sales Teams That are Tired of Hearing “No, Thanks, Not Interested, We’re All Set”

Rejection. It’s the worst part of the sales profession. It can take the wind out of your team’s sails and leave them wallowing in the Sea of Call Reluctance. Michael Pedone has been there. He analyzed the root causes of prospect rejection. He developed best practice phone sales techniques that worked for him and thousands of others who learned his method. And now he’ll do the same for your team with training based on real-world success.

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Our On-demand B2B Sales Training Course

Sales Course #1

Your New Opening Value Statement Sales Script

Sales Course #2

Gatekeepers & Voicemails

Sales Course #3

Engagement Questions

Sales Course #4


Sales Course #5

Presentation, Objection Handling & Closing Skills

Sales Course #6

Follow-up Calls & Referrals

Sales Course #7

Setting & Achieving Personal Sales Goals

Sales Course #8

Time Management Skills for B2B Sales

Best Practice Phone Sales Techniques That Work!

With over 20 years of experience selling by phone.

Hi, I’m Michael Pedone, the founder, CEO, and head instructor at SalesBuzz.com. I’ll take your team through the same steps I used to achieve top sales awards while winning my sales managers’ praise.

The same B2B sales strategies allowed me to start multiple companies and provide my family with the lifestyle I never had but always wanted. I have a unique phone sales method that anyone can learn in just 8 hours and start generating more sales.

I look forward to sharing it with you and your team.

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“Michael Pedone is one of the few sales trainers that actually knows what he’s talking about. Take his course. It’s money in the bank.”

Jeffrey Gitomer
Sales Author, Little Red Book of Selling

“Michael’s program is a perfect solution for any sales organization that primarily sell over the phone.”

Russel Durrant
Vice President of Sales
Prophix Software

“This is by far the best cold calling course I have ever take. My reps love it and live by its teachings.”

Vince Miceli
Director of Sales