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  • 8-Week B2B Sales Skills Course
  • One Hour Per Week of Online Study Time
  • Eliminate Call Reluctance & Build Confidence


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Testimonials From Our Clients

“SalesBuzz teaches the tactical essentials of phone selling. Since taking the course, I’ve increased my sales by over 30% and added $20K to my income.”

Justin Anderson
VP of Regional Business Development

“The course is fun, engaging, and easy to follow. I immediately started booking appointments once I applied the techniques.”

Ben Delmage

“Our sales reps lacked experience, but the SalesBuzz course filled in years of knowledge in just 8 weeks. It’s worth every penny.”

Paul Dufour

Our Self-Study Course Delivers a 30% Increase in Closed Deals Within 3 Months

Week 1
Your New Opening Value Statement
Week 2
Gatekeepers, Voicemails & Email
Week 3
Engagement Questions
Week 4
Your New Opening Value Statement
Week 5
Presentation, Objection Handling & Closing Skills
Week 6
Follow-up Calls & Referrals
Week 7
Goals Setting
Week 8
Time Management Skills

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