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We Don't Just Train Salespeople
1 - 99 sales people
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We Make
Them Better
We don't just train sales people

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If your business has from 1 to 1000 sales reps, there’s an affordable sales training package that fits. Your B2B sales team will be energized from the very first webinar through all 8 one-hour sessions. They’ll learn how to get past gatekeepers, overcome call reluctancedeal with objections, avoid getting blown off, and much more.

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You’re at the helm of a large staff of up to 100 or more sales reps. And you want to see an improvement in their productivity… stat!

We pack a lot of innovative sales strategies into 8 one-hour webinars. These are live, interactive sessions that will re-energize reps who may be lagging in sales or flagging in confidence.

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Michael Pedone

An introduction to the instructor

An Online Sales Training Expert – with over 20 years of experience selling by phone

Hi, I’m Michael Pedone, the founder, CEO and head instructor at SalesBuzz.com. And this is my wife and daughters, who motivate and inspire me every day.

Growing up, there were the “have’s” and the “have not’s”. I was in the latter category.

But I was determined to overcome my financial challenges and achieve the American dream by learning everything I could about the selling profession.

At first, I was horrible at it. But I persisted. I would show up early to learn from the top salespeople around me and stay late to outwork my competition.

With each mistake, I would ask myself, “What did I do to cause that and how can I avoid it in the future?”. Eventually, I developed a sales process that not only made selling profitable but teachable to others!

Here’s the key takeaway point: Every sales mistake your team is making I’ve already made and have a solution for it.

As your sales coach, I’ll take your team through the same steps I used to achieve top sales awards while winning the praise of my sales managers – strategies that eventually allowed me to start my own companies and give my family the lifestyle I never had but always wanted.

I have a unique phone sales method that anyone can learn in just 8 hours and use to start generating more sales. I look forward to sharing it with you and your team.

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Over 4,000 Happy Clients

I’ve brought Michael Pedone in multiple times to train my sales teams. Worth. Every. Penny. 10. Times.

Brad Canham
Head of Marketing and Business Development

Michael, I wanted to let you know how you’ve help us move the needle. Our effectiveness is skyrocketing. We’re booking 25% more meetings with fewer no shows.

Cofounder + Managing Partner - MemoryBlue

This is by far the best cold calling course I have ever taken. My reps love it and live by its teachings. I like that it is online and has a workbook for reps to follow along! Michael is very engaging and helped my team overcome their fear of the phone.

Vince Miceli
Sales Director / Industry: Information Technology & Services

Michael Pedone is one of the few sales trainers that actually knows what he’s talking about. Take his course. It’s money in the bank.

Jeffrey Gitomer
Author of the Little Red Book of Selling