Inside Sales Training Courses for Quick Phone Skills Development

Does Your Inside Sales Team Need to Get Excited About Selling Again?

Are they struggling to pick up the phone?

“Inside sales” is a tough job and it takes a hefty dose of confidence to be successful at it. If you want to move your team past their fears, give them some fresh new selling strategies that work… strategies that have been tested and proven by a sales professional who has the chops and wants to share them with your team! Fuel your team’s confidence with our inside sales training program. It’s HIGHLY recommended and it gets results!

Our Inside Sales Training Course

Our inside sales training course is delivered online and is intended for B2B inside sales representatives who are struggling with what to say when they pick up the phone.  We help them build confidence, make quotas, and reach their goals – fast!

Our inside sales training curriculum follows the Single Concept Focused Learning Model, and, aside from the amazing content, it’s the #1 reason we get excellent results. Sales reps go through each module in a logical, sequential order so the content “sticks”.  There’s time built-in to practice what they’re learning and make it their own before moving on with confidence to the next level/module.

Participants will learn a strategic phone sales process that takes the guesswork out of selling by phone. They’ll overcome the fear of rejection and get excited about goal setting. They’ll also acquire time management skills, which are a must to succeed in today’s sales world.

Inside Sales Training Curriculum

Inside Sales Training Program– Audience Profile

Our inside sales program is intended for novice and experienced inside sales representatives who are frustrated by gatekeepers and messages that aren’t returned. And it teaches them how to boldly move past objections like:

  • No, Thanks! – Not Interested – We’re All Set – No Budget –
  • I Need to Check with my Partner/Boss –
  • Let me Think About It – and other stalls, objections, and blow-offs!

Build Confidence with Inside Sales Training Curriculum

An effective inside sales training curriculum addresses the number one roadblock that stops sales reps in their tracks – confidence. Our curriculum teaches sales reps how to move past this fear by equipping them with the skills needed to boldly pick up the phone.

Inside Sales Training Certification

Our inside sales training curriculum includes certification for additional motivation.

Reward and motivate your team by celebrating and providing proof of course completion. Each participant who completes 100% of the course and passes the final exam will receive confirmation of course completion and be issued a printable and digital certificate.

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On-demand Access

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Progress Reports

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