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Sales Outreach Strategy: How Many Call Attempts

Sales Outreach Strategy: How Many Call Attempts Is Best? Michael Pedone breaks down three different sales outreach strategies and, based on experience and real-world outreach results, makes a case why the current “popular” outbound sales cadence thinking isn’t the most effective.  You can also view a LinkedIn Poll Result on what others think is […]

The Perfect Sales Cadence

The Perfect Sales Cadence “What is the perfect sales cadence?” The perfect sales cadence is the one that works the best for you. However, it must be realistic in the ability to execute and effective at getting (virtually by phone, etc.) in front of prospects. The most effective sales cadence I have ever used is […]

Best Sales Training Program

Best Sales Training Program Looking for the best sales training program that’s backed by social proof? Sales Training Program Curriculum Want to see what you and your sales team will learn? This 8-Week online sales training program (one hour per week for 8-weeks) delivers the step-by-step sales playbook your team needs to increase sales. – […]

Sales Call Reluctance

Sales Call Reluctance Fix it with Michael Pedone CEO of SalesBuzz! Michael Pedone was recently interviewed on how to overcome sales call reluctance. This sales video is filled with sales tips and techniques to make cold calling successful. – Michael Pedone Michael Pedone is the founder of How to Sell By Phone Online Sales Training […]

4 Sales Tips to Hit Quota

4 Sales Tips to Hit Quota It’s on your mind, your boss’s, and likely your Board of Directors. We are talking about sales quotas. In this on-demand recap, we are going to share our secrets to kicking your quota’s butt this month and every month thereafter. Related Resources: What is the first step in the […]

Sales Voicemail Tips: I Left a Voicemail. Now What?

Sales Voicemail Tips: I Left a Voicemail. Now What? “I followed your advice on how to leave voicemail messages that get more callbacks and since using it, my call backs have increased. But my question is, what do I do with the prospects that haven’t called back?” I like to use a “three strikes and […]

Four (4) Inside Sales Solutions to Hit Quota

Your Inside Sales Team Missed Quota, Again? Did your inside sales team miss quota again? Here are four areas that have proven to help Sales VPs, Directors, and Managers hit their sales goals consistently: Four (4) Inside Sales Solutions to Hit Quota Inside Sales Solution #1: Defined ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) Defining your ICP is […]

Why Do You Cold Call?

Why Do You Cold Call? To answer “Why Do You Cold Call?” correctly, we must first agree on the definition of cold calling. Cold Calling: Contacting any prospect that is not currently raising their hand. So why do you do it? Why would you pick up the phone (or craft an email or a text […]

Sales Voicemail Tips

Sales Voicemail Tips Costly Sales Voicemail Mistakes and How to Fix Them What would happen if a recording of the last voicemail message you left with a prospect was available here for all of us to hear? Would most of your peers reading this give you kudos, or would constructive criticism be in order? Or […]

Should you cold call a B2B prospect on their cell phone?

B2B Cold Calling Cell Phone’s Should you cold call a B2B prospect on their cell phone? Michael Pedone shares his thoughts and strategies. – Michael Pedone Michael Pedone is the founder of Phone Sales Training Course that Reduces Turnover, Increases Pipeline, and Shortens Sales Cycles. Try a free class today.